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Online Clinics

Avail The Benefits of Online Clinics

One can consult our specialist Doctor Online from anywhere in India or Outside India & the medicines are delivered by Post / Courier at your doorstep. Telemedicine helps you save transportation time that incurs due to traffic jams, long-routes, construction, repairments, tragedy, protests among others. You can save money on fuel, parking or public transportation by using telemedicine services. As the treatment gets consulted over the call, there is no need to take leaves or a break from work. Telemedicine makes it possible for you to leverage the expertise of specialists who are not nearby. Cost effective and time saving way of getting expert opinion. Avoid travel. Follow up at your doorstep.

Expanding Patient Outreach (With The Power Of Technology)

Kaya Kalp International Sex & Health Clinics understands the power of technology and its positive effects on improving healthcare services. We are always ready to scale and adopt any leading-edge technology that has the potential to set the right chord with our patients. And that can improve healthcare delivery and outcomes.

Therefore, to make healthcare services accessible outside the traditional settings of the Clinics, we have come up with an innovative telemedicine program. With this setting, any patient, just over a video call / Audio Call / Whatsapp call, can connect with the specialist from anywhere, and can receive the right treatment in no time.

Patients can also avail the benefits of online clinics that we have launched at Kaya Kalp International Sex & Health Clinic’s Dadar and Borivali branches.

For Online Consultation, Please contact us on 9004 21 22 11 / 9004 39 39 78 Or at other numbers given in contact us

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