Better Sex Workouts


As we all know that the body is nourished by the food and the same is sculptured by doing regular workouts and exercises. Is all work outs are helpful to transform better sex in to best and joyful sex? Of course, yes any type of workout is helpful to spend a great time in the bed but work outs which are useful for strengthening the muscles around the sex organsi.e., pelvic floor muscles are particularly more important. They not only provide the strength but also make the body flexible so that couple can enjoy pleasure of sex in different postures also.

Some of the best exercises & workout are _

  1. Planks- it strengthens the core muscles. Start with 20 sec can increase duration by practicing daily.
  2. Kegels- it is the best one to strengthen pelvic floor muscles apart from that it can controls the actions of sex organs which help in preventing the sexual dysfunction.
  3. Push ups – if you want to practice sex in different postures practicing this is more important.
  4. Simple Aerobic exercises – partners can go for couple walk challenge.
  5. Yoga – even though it is an ancient form of doing exercise it gives much flexibleto body and that flexibility can sustain for long period by getting it by practicing Yoga.

Some other exercises such as GluteBridge, Squats, Hinge, Cat stretch, Pigeon pose, Frog pose, Reclined butterfly pose and total body workouts like Swimming, Zumba, and Cyclingare also aid in loving the sexual life.