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Paraphimosis is an uncommon medical condition where the foreskin becomes trapped behind the glans penis, and cannot be pulled back to its normal flaccid position covering the glans penis.

If this condition persists for several hours or there is any sign of a lack of blood flow, paraphimosis should be treated as a medical emergency, as it can result in gangrene or other serious complications.

Symptoms :-

The foreskin is pulled back (retracted) behind the rounded tip of the penis (glans) and stays there.

The retracted foreskin and glans become swollen. This makes it difficult to return the foreskin to its extended position.

Symptoms Include:

  • Inability to pull the retracted foreskin over the head of the penis
  • Painful swelling at the end of the penis
  • Pain in the penis

Treatment :-


Paraphimosis can often be effectivèly treated by manual manipulation of the swollen foreskin tissue.
This involves compressing the glans and moving the foreskin back to its normal position, perhaps with the aid of a lubricant, cold compression, and local anesthesia as necessary.
If this fails, the tight edematous band of tissue can be relieved surgically with a dorsal slit or circumcision.
An alternative method, the Dundee technique, entails placing multiple punctures in the swollen foreskin with afine needle, and then expressing the edema fluid by manual pressure.
Treatment by circumcision may be elected as “a last rèsort, to be performed by a Doctor.