Best Tips for Wedding Night Sex

Best Tips for wedding night sex

All couples will think to make their wedding night or first night as a lifelong memory. The memory of it can be treasured for life if they follow some tips before going to experience it.

  1. First advice is better to avoid anxiety about – how to start the sexual activity with the partner. Be friendly and maintain eye to eye contact with the partner – then a beautiful bond will be created between partners.
  2. There will be so many moments in wedding event where a partner will get some moments to flirt the other partner by chatting, touching, teasing etc, it will make their bond well in wedding night.
  3. Ayurveda says that woman is first and the best among all aphrodisiacs. So dressing up plays an important role to get into the sexual mood. Male partner can also use perfumes as mood enhancer.
  4. Some people take virginity as a serious issue. So if you are not, feel free to tell your partner. It builds trust in your life long relationship.  
  5. Talking to your spouse about willingness regarding to start sex in first night is very important. It is not a mandatory rule that one should indulge in sex during wedding night itself. 
  6. Placing some scented candles, using flowers in decorating room, if you are music lover, you can play some romantic music in wedding night room to set the stage.
  7. Male partner can take aphrodisiacs like milk, aswagandha powder for the wedding night sex.
  8. It is better to start with foreplay and not directly entering in to sexual act so that both the partners can explore their bodies. The act should be fun loving and affectionate.
  9. On your first night before entering into the room it is good to meet your partner perfectly groomed. Because most of the women prefer well groomed men.
  10. Have a nice hair cut, clean and trim your nails, shave or trim your facial hair properly, wear matching and neat clothes, clean your feet, take good care of your skin. Use Mouth fresheners. Don’t forget to clean and proper preparation of your intimate parts.
  11. Complement the partner about his/ her looks, dressing, smile, body or anything that make the partner felt happy and comfortable.
  12. Try to make her smile or laugh most of the women like the partner who makes them smile. And it makes the bond so strong.
  13. Try to express about how lucky of having her in your life as a partner.
  14. If both the partners are willing to postpone the pregnancy then don’t forget to keep the protection in hand.