Why Sex Education is Necessary in the Present Day Scenario!

Sex Education

Sex is an integral and natural part of our life. It is not compulsory for one to first attain sex education and only after that he/she would be allowed to have sex. Having procured sex education is not a certificate for indulging into a sexual act with your partner. However, if one knows the basic knowledge about sex which can be learned with proper education at school or college level. One would be taking part in the physical intimacy in a healthy manner. Which would restrict down the problem of unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and diseases, etc.

Sex education is a way broader program which could not be provided to the college people with one or two classroom lectures. It would be better if the authorities take some measure to incorporate the topic in the subjects which adolescents take up in their college days.

The sexual health of a person is very crucial as it directly impacts the emotional, social, and psychological state of mind of a person. In a study conducted recently, it was found that apart from the college-going teenagers, the growing adults between the ages of 22 to 26 also lacks some important insights on sex and relationships.

Furthermore, in a country like India, social stigma still exists and will continue to prevail in the surrounding until many decades to come. Many parents don’t want their children to study a subject that revolves around sex. They feel their children would be diverted from their mainstream studies for pursuing with they have enrolled in the college. On the other hand, there also are parents who want their children to receive an education. Such parents probably are more aware and know the power of the right education at the right time.

It is no secret that people have received intense knowledge about what Kamasutra preaches are more conscious while into the act. They know what steps to be taken and what to be strictly avoided. They know various guidelines that need to be acknowledged before starting having physical interaction with their respective partners. The importance of sex education in the present-day scenarios cannot be ignored as it holds an important place in making the future of the country safe and secure.

It can be agreed that sex is something which is not enjoyed is no sex. Even the thought of having established physical intimacy with your partner blackouts the entire world in seconds—you, your partner and a different world altogether. However, if looking on to this matter practically, this is not the way how it should be. Getting excited is fine but losing self-control on what is right, and what is wrong can be devastating for both of the partners.

The act itself is beautiful but its adverse outcomes are way more catastrophic than hell. Even if there is nor the provision of teaching the young citizens of the country on such a versatile yet sensitive topic. We should try seeking sex education on our level which would be enticingly attractive to get something new our hands-on.