Infertility Treatment Clinic in India

Visit an Infertility Treatment Clinic in India in case of Low Sperm Count

Visit an Infertility Treatment Clinic in India in case of Low Sperm Count 

Unexpected Causes of Low Sperm Count:-

Having a low sperm count can make it more hard to imagine to conceive normally, though effective pregnancies can occur sometimes. Issues with sperm, including a low sperm count and issues with sperm quality, are very normal these days. There are various factors involved behind it. It has been manifested that around 1 of every 3 couples are attempting to get pregnant.

Is it Necessary to get your sperm count checked:

It’s a smart thought for both partners to get an opinion, as fertility issues can influence male and quite often it’s a combination of both partners. That’s why it is essential to know what the specific issue is before you conclude on your next steps. This is the place where an sample of semen is given to simply check the quality and quantity of a male sperm. The outcomes are normally accessible within the span of seven days. If the outcomes you received are not normal then the tests should be advice to do. This is to ensure it was precise. By visiting an Infertility Treatment Clinic in India would surely help you overcome the above symptoms. These tests will usually be performed following 3 months. Your GP can refer you to meet an expert in male infertility issues to overcome these conditions.

How does a Person find out about Low Sperm Count?

Following are the symptoms of low sperm count include:

Not able to conceive?-This is one of the main symptoms of low sperm count in men.

Underlying problems- This consists of hormonal imbalance, dilation of testicular veins or a chromosome abnormality which is inherited might also block the pathway of the sperm to egg. Such things might then cause many different signs, as well as low sperm count. Such symptoms consist of having low body or facial hair.

Low sex drive – Some times, a male partner may have low sex drive or even erectile dysfunctions which can be indicators of low sperm count.

Concerns in the testicle area- This too consists of swelling or also a lump in the region which can cause pain. This can also be a symptom for low sperm count.

Causes of Low Sperm Count:

– Drug abuse and over alcohol consumption

– Smoking habit

– Hormone imbalance

– Depression and stress

– Overheating and trauma to the testicles

– Infections and exposure to toxins

– Genetic fertility disorder

– Tumors or chronic illness

– A genital infection such as chlamydia, gonorrhea or prostatitis

– Consumption of medications

– Being overweight

– History of undescended testicles

How beneficial is it to visit an infertility treatment clinic in India in case of Low sperm Count?

Herbal Ayurvedic Treatment :

There are various treatment options for men who are suffering from low sperm count but the treatments vary depending on the cause of the condition. In the ancient times, Herbs were used for curing conditions of the reproductive system of man and for increasing sexual performance, endurance and possibility of conceiving babies. Nowadays, even though medicine is in advanced technology, the wisdom of our ancestors is still helpful and it remains as the best alternative in many cases.Herbs like Ashwagandha (Withaniasomnifera), Mushali (curculigoorchioides), Kapikacchu (Mucunapruriens), Shilajit and many more herbal supplements that can be used for treatment for low sperm count in men. Medications used are nourishing herbs for the endocrine system and hormonal balance: aiding in proper testosterone levels. The herbal blends an optimal example for this is a surgery.

Alcohol & Tobacco use, smoking, Emotional stress, Depression and overweight also cause low Sperm count n low motility; better to avoid.

Take food items rich with vitamin C. vitamin D and zinc.

Start taking hot milk twice a day also two to three dates in the morning and in the night with milk.

Avoid junk food, oily and more spicy food, alcohol, tobacco, tension and anxiety.

Start doing brisk walk or running or cardio exercises for at least 1 hour a day.

I am suggesting you some ayurvedic medicines.

– Take dhatupaushtikachuran one teaspoon in the morning & in the night.

– Take tablet shukarmatrikabati one in the morning and one in the night.

– Take tablet BrihatBangeshwarras one in the morning one and one in the night after food.

– Allpreferably with milk or warm water.

– Do all the above suggested treatment for 4 months and see the results

It has been observed that surgery is the most common treatment for men suffering from varicocele. In addition to this, those who have been experiencing low sperm count due to infections, for them antibiotics are prescribed by the doctors to help clear the infection.

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