Male Infertility Treatment

Male Infertility: Everything You Need to Know

Male Infertility Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

What Causes Male Infertility

Male infertility is a term that is known to be an issue with a man’s capacity to create or produce sperm to fertilize his accomplice’s egg. Suppose, you have been diagnosed with male infertility or sometimes you may suspect the same which may be the main reason your partner is not able to conceive or because of which you might be struggling with these problems or want to know how to handle this.

There are various things that can cause male infertility, yet the most widely recognized causes are consist of the following:

1. Lifestyle Choices

Drinking problems, doing illicit medications or smoking are the main factors for which there is a risk of male infertility as these substances can cause low quantities of sperm and decline sperm mobility. Now and again, certain physicians endorse certain medications that may also affect a man’s sperm check and sperm mobility.

Other ways of choices that can also influence a man’s fertility frequently consist of eating an unhealthy routine and not doing exercise.

2. Health Conditions

In case you’re confronted with any kind of long-term illness, like kidney disorders, or you experienced certain other ailments, like mumps; your regenerative framework may not be working as expected.

At times men may likewise encounter a blockage that keeps sperm from going through the regenerative system and leaving their body during sex. At the point when sperm can’t leave the body, it can’t arrive to the egg to finish the cycle of fertilization. This issue can be brought by an assortment of variables, including birth deformities, injury or indeed, even a disease.

There are different other causes for male infertility that consist of low testosterone, chromosomal anomalies, broadened veins in the testicles and retrograde discharge. There is a additional condition called immunologic barrenness where a man’s antibodies recognize his sperm as unfamiliar substances and attack them with this.

How should you Determine Male Infertility? 

You and your partner can determine this factors as both of you have been unsuccessful in your attempts to get pregnant, therefore understanding the cause and finding out the solution is significant for both of you to be analyzed for infertility. There are a few distinctive medical tests that can be utilized to decide that what is the source of male infertility, however at first, men go through two essential periods of testing.

Basically, Male infertility is one kind of health issue in which a man brings down the chances of his female partner getting pregnant.

Other Causes involves:

Making developed, solid sperm that can travel and mainly depends upon numerous things. Issues can prevent cells from developing into sperm. Issues can hold the sperm back from arriving to the egg. Indeed, even the temperature of the scrotum may influence fertility:

Following are the Other Causes:

– Sperm Disorders

– Varicoceles

– Retrograde Ejaculation

– Immunologic Infertility

– Obstruction

– Hormones

– Medication

Treatment of Male Infertility (Ayurveda):

The branch of Ayurveda dealing with sexual well-being is called as Vajikarana. Overcoming infertility needs some basic lifestyle modulation.

Recommended Food Intake: Include fresh, organic fruits, fruit juices, vegetables, coconut, coconut milk and meat in the diet. Dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, black currants, figs, dates etc with milk serve as vajikarana as well.

Regular exercise, yoga, and eating balanced meals helps in keeping the mind, body and soul balanced. Include the following yogasanas in your daily yoga practice like padmasana (lotus pose), paschimottanasana (seated forward bend), bhujangasana (cobra pose), sarvangasana (shoulder stand), praivritta trikonasana (twisted triangle pose) etc.

Ayurvedic Medicines: In Ayurvedic for male infertility, certain dravyas are used to provide Balya (those which increase the strength of the body), brumhana (those which provide necessary nutrition to the body) and vrishya (those which increase fertility).

Some of the Vajikarana Dravyas include:

Semen enhancing dravyas – milk, ghee, shatavari, ashwagandha

Semen purifying dravyas – sugarcane, kushtha

Dravyas promoting the fertilization capacity in semen- brahmi, shatavri, guduchi

For libido increasing- kesar, garlic, long pepper, lavanga (clove).

Dravyas preventing premature ejaculation- nutmeg, ashwagandha, chandana


Male Infertility Treatment in Mumbai:-

Treatment for Male Infertility totally depends upon what’s causing infertility. Numerous issues can be fixed with medications or medical procedures. This would permit conception through sex. The medicines or other treatments are broken into 3 types:

– Non-surgical therapy for Male Infertility

– Surgical Therapy for Male Infertility

– Treatment for Unknown Causes of Male Infertility

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