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Kaya Kalp International Sex & Health Clinics stand out as the foremost destination for individuals seeking top-notch Ayurvedic sexual and health care services in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Established in 1991, our two well-appointed clinics, strategically located in Borivali (West) and Dadar (West), have become synonymous with excellence, repute, and authenticity in the field.

At Kaya Kalp, we take pride in our commitment to delivering comprehensive investigative and therapeutic facilities for various sex disorders, problems, and diseases. Our clinics boast state-of-the-art amenities, including Pathology Labs, X-ray, USG (Ultra Sonography), and Doppler Study, ensuring that patients receive the highest standard of care.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced sexologists in Mumbai specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of male and female sex problems, diseases, and offers counseling services. Dr. A. Kumar, the Chief Consultant Sexologist at Kaya Kalp International Sex & Health Clinics, leads a panel of distinguished doctors with expertise in diverse fields such as surgery, pathology, radiology, Ayurveda, gynecology, endoscopic surgery, dermatology, dentistry, and pharmacy.

Notably, our clinics maintain a customized patient database containing comprehensive medical histories and treatment details, a rarity among health care providers. To further enhance patient convenience, we offer the option to courier medicines to patients across India and worldwide, ensuring a seamless treatment experience without disruptions.

Emphasizing a commitment to patient satisfaction, our Customer Relationship Management program continually monitors service quality and treatment outcomes. We prioritize excellence in every aspect of our operations, reflected in our training programs that are regularly updated for staff members.

In line with our mission, Kaya Kalp International Sex & Health Clinics strive to provide the highest standards of care and treatment to those grappling with sexual problems, myths, and diseases. Complementing our physical clinics, we extend our services with Online Consultations through one of India’s premier Online Sex & Health Clinics, accessible at Experience the pinnacle of sexual and health care excellence with Kaya Kalp.

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About Dr. A. Kumar

Dr. A. Kumar is a highly qualified Internationally renowned Ayurvedic Sex Specialist / Sexologist / Sex Counsellor & Sex Therapist who has started his work in the year of 1990 as a Sexologist / Sex Specialist, to serve patients suffering from Sex Problems, Poor Health, Sexual Diseases & Myths.

Qualifications & Achievements

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Vision & Mission

During my studies and Awards winning research work done on sexology (Rasayana – Vajikarna) I gained a lot of knowledge about treatment of sexual problems and I decided to pass on my experience and knowledge to general public who are having sexual problems, myths and diseases.

I found a large number of patients are there who want to be treated for their sex problems but they don’t know where to go and also feel shy to visit a sex clinic or a Sexologist or Sex Specialist. So having a look on these patients and their needs of qualified and friendly Sexologist or Sex Specialist, and on the other side breaking families due to bad sex lives. So I (Dr. A. Kumar) decided to make my mission to help men and women in India and around the world to overcome their sexual problems with my research work and experience in the field of sexology.

I observed that sexual disorder is also a disease and must be treated as early as possible like any other disease in order to enjoy happier, healthier, successful and satisfied married life. Life without a satisfied and successful sex relation is incomplete. Besides all that – “Sex is an art of life and part of life”.

As in our orthodox society sex is considered as a taboo so sex problems are not discussed by patients having sex problems, doubts and diseases. They feel shy to discuss their sex problems with each other or with their friends or relatives or parents or even with their family doctors.

They always feel that if they will discuss their sex problems with their known persons then he or she may tell other people (friends or family members) that he or she is having this problem or disease. Then his reputation, carrier or character will be damaged or spoiled.

So he always thinks about a person or Counsellor or a Sexologist Doctor, who is not known to his family members or friends.

Then he starts looking & searching for a sexologist in newspapers / magazines or on internet.

Here comes the time when he usually falls prey to quacks (Unqualified Doctors _ Jhola Chaap Doctors). These quacks are not at all qualified to treat or solve the problem or disease of the persons / patients.

So instead of going to his family doctor, he goes to these quacks for his treatment. These quacks usually threatens the person by saying that he is having a very serious problem and by saying so they usually charge heavily from him, with no cure of the disease and then the patient becomes more depressed as he has lost both money and time.

After visiting such Jhola chap Doctors sex patients not only lose their money but also lose their self confidence and become victim of inferiority complex and develop phobia for making sex relations and start believing that their sex problems cannot be cured at all. Some of such sex patients even think to commit suicide as they have to face a lot of embarrassment (in front of) of their partner or family members.

Now a days a lot of males / couples are not having a good sex lives, the reason behind may be the sex problems like Premature Ejaculation, Impotency, Erectile Dysfunction, Sexually Transmitted Diseases other male and female sex problems such as Loss of Libido, phobia, bad life styles, and no time for each other.

Two things those are above all things, are lack of sex education and lack of qualified Sexologist / Sex specialist in India.

In modern era, as living has started taking its heavy toll. Constant stress, insatiable desires, mad race to be on the top, extreme atmospheric pollution, damaging effects of fertilizers and pesticides in our food and over medication have assumed alarming proportions in producing more & more “mental & physical” ailments, that leads to sexual disorders / problems / diseases / disharmony among men & women.

Patients with sex problems are having miserable life with ruined relationships at the doorstep of divorce with loss of self confidence developing inferiority complex, sex phobia with increased level of stress in his routine life. But this is totally AVOIDABLE.

We understand that talking about and seeking a solution for your sex related disorder can be embarrassing, but one must consult a doctor rather to avoid it.

Almost all sex & health related problems are treatable through the combination of proper history, checkups, laboratory tests, investigations, counseling & treatments.

Today the whole world recognizes ayurveda as a unique system of medicine with no or lesser side effect. The ayurveda herbalism, which developed over a periods of more than 5000 years by physicians who devoted their entire life in search of useful herbs, wandering all over the forests & mountains. Our famous rishis and Vaidyas (Charak & Sushrut) have been curing patients with their herbal knowledge since ancient times. With the help of modern researches, pharmacological studies on herbs, physicians are reviving the old formulations. Ayurveda system now forms an integral part of national health care system & is recognized all over the world by world health organization.

In Ayurveda, herbs are used in many different ways to treat different sexual disorders. The skill of the sexologist is mainly, to strengthen the body’s own healing mechanism by selecting proper medicines to treat the problem.

Patients with sex problems should not avoid discussing about their problems. They must share their problems to get cured by contacting appropriate qualified experienced sexologist or family doctor who can make their life full of joy, energy and confidence, so that one can again start enjoying a healthier sexual life!!

Patient from all over the India & all over the World contact our clinics for the consultation of their various Sex & Health Problems, and we delivering our medicines to them by courier.

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