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Get Sexologist Online Consultation to find Out 10 Ideas for Sex in the Age of Social Distancing

Sex is a great way to have a connection with your partner. Sexual intimacy, in particular orgasm, promotes bonding and decreases strain. Ask a Sexologist Online consultation about Male Sexual problems, Premature ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction, Female sexual problems. With all the craziness happening in the world, staying home is the socially accountable component to do. And what better way to spend a while in quarantine than getting kinky with your partner? These 10 ideas to spice up the bedroom are certain to keep you entertained even as keeping you courting on target! Sexologist Online Consultation: You can have a sexologist online consultation to know about Safe Sex and for any kind of Sexual Issues. Receive Sexologist online consultation from the Best Sexologist in India. Social distancing means being in isolation and setting apart yourself from the crowd and the public. But it is downright impossible to “distance” yourself from the human beings you proportion your own home with. When it comes to spending some great bedroom time, it may also get a little difficult to realize whether it is secure or no longer. Given the commonplace modes of transmission of respiratory viruses, accomplishing sure sorts of sexual activities may chance spreading the virus. However, expecting people to abstain from intercourse during times of isolation is unrealistic. Below are the 10 Ideas for Sex and Romance in the Age of Social Distancing 1. Sexy Texts Dirty communication isn’t for all but when it’s done it may be one of the great erotic move ever. Dirty texting can cross manner beyond a nicely-located eggplant emoji. 2.  Safer Sex Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with cleaning soap and heat water before and once you do whatever. 3. Non-conventional intimacy Instead of kissing and sexual intercourse, strive erotic rub down, chat rooms, spooning, mutual masturbation, watching or studying erotica, looking your partner pleasure themselves, and so forth. 4. Communication It is essential to stay in tune with your companion, particularly if you don’t sense well or clearly do no longer want to engage in any sexual pastime. Having good communication can really help you to understand your partner even better. 5. Stay knowledgeable We all can do something to prevent the spread and be safe without any risks. Stay indoors for now. Fear, rumors and incorrect information spread quickly. Follow all the precautions to maintain a safe environment and stay healthy. 6. Read Something Erotic Together There are masses of free erotic fiction online which you can watch with your partner and start feeling steamy. 7. Make a Plan for Future Sex You should start making a list of future sex thoughts and ideas that can excite your partner, and also it additionally gives couples something to sit up for, post-coronavirus. 8. Cut back on kissing The virus can be spread via saliva, so it means saying no to kissing can stop this spread. 9. Opt for positions where you’re facing away from each other 10. Have Phone Sex Make use of dirty talks, moans, vibrators, smacking, mattress squeaking, heavy respiration, and more In this covid scenario, considering that sex is not a priority as a topic of discussion, misinformation can be fostered.  Sexologist Online Consultation – Book a Session With the Top Sexologist in Mumbai at Kaya Kalp International. If you do not follow all the necessary precautions then you may unwillingly exacerbate the spread of the virus. That’s why, it is really important to understand How to have a Safe Sex in the era of Social Distancing with all the necessary precautions. Call on 9004393978 or fill in the below form to book an appointment with our specialists.