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5 Sex topics to discuss with your partner it leads to happier sex life.

Have you ever thought about which sex topics to discuss with your partner and why? Sexual intimacy is as important as romantic gestures. One-on-one contact, empathy, and emotional connections are all usually very important in establishing sexual intimacy. Sensual actions like cuddling are very important for maintaining expressive bonds. When intimacy moves from emotional to physical, partners in a sexual relationship must have open and honest discussions. There are some sex topics to discuss with your partner which you should always consider when engaging with your sexual partner.

Talk about what turns you on, the positions or toys you’d like to try, you’re sexually sensitive spots, your secret fantasies and every other thing related to sex. This will both be exciting and revealing at the same time, and you’ll find yourselves discovering new things about each other. However, this also includes problems in bed. If your partner is not performing as expected or your sex drive has reduced drastically, talk about it. Think of new ways of handling it together and you will be one step towards overcoming such issues.

Also, remember that relationships can change. Even in established partnerships, you should continue to have conversations about sex topics. Understanding expectations can help you start and maintain a healthy sex life.


Some sex topics to discuss with your partner:

1) Talk Fantasies, Fetishes, and Desires

“Couples should definitely discuss fantasies and fetishes,” says sex expert. When you’re in the bed it may be too surprising to bring your furry fantasies on your partner at that moment. Things like oils and lotions and potions are pretty standard. Those don’t really require discussion. But if you are a bondage queen or secret dominatrix, give your partner a heads up.

It’s not uncommon for many men and women to feel embarrassed when the topic of pleasure toys comes up; sex educator says they can be the cure for a sex life that’s gone stale. Toys aren’t just for tots, especially in long-term relationships, sex can begin to feel routine. From simple lotions to furry handcuffs, fun accessories help turn the heat up.

Never underestimate your lover’s bedroom interests. When people say ‘sex’ they often think of vaginal intercourse, anal and oral sex also count. Are you and your partner game for all three or not. Discussing what’s on the table when it comes to sex helps clarify boundaries.

2) Your Sexual History and Future Plans

You need to know a person’s sexual history upfront – diseases, genders of partners, and testing history. If someone has not cleared STD testing within the past six months then their results are not current. Don’t leave it up to your partner to look out for your best interest; the job is yours and yours alone. Be proactive, always. “Your sexual health is your responsibility, what you don’t know might harm you.” says sex expert.

Family planning is also an important part of any pre-sex discussion, talk to your partner about using birth control methods too. Nothing is more uncomfortable than dealing with an unplanned pregnancy before either of you are truly ready to become parents.

3) Make Sure you’re Exclusive

Whether we like it or not; not everyone’s definition of a committed relationship is the same. Experts add women to never assume exclusivity in a sexual relationship.

They suggest being upfront and asking your partner if they’re dating or married to someone else. Having straight-forward conversations about whether or not you’re sexually exclusive reduces confusion. It also provides you a clear status of your relationship with your partner.

4) Sex Calendars (Arousal timing)

You like it in the mornings, but they‘re more of a night owl. You’re comfortable having sex three times a week, but your partner’s more like a three-times-a-month guy. Knowing and sharing your sex schedules is the key to a successful and rewarding sex life. Your sexual calendars can be different.

You can be on different sexual frequencies. This is good to know because a nighttime person can take a morning sex rejection personally, but he needs to know that at night you turn into his desired wild aroused partner.

5) Be Open about your sexual secrets

Sexual history is important and sometimes it includes more than test results and exposure to STDs. “Unfortunately a large percentage of woman and men have experienced different forms of sexual trauma and abuse,” says expert.

In order to have healthy sexual expression in the bedroom, it’s a good idea that partners are honest about what has happened to them.

How to approach your partner:

Knowing that it is a touchy subject; it’s best for partners to initiate this conversation one-on-one in private, out of the bedroom, in a safe space. You can begin by letting your partner know that you have something serious to discuss with them and that you feel uncomfortable about the conversation but want to be honest.

Acknowledging the discomfort is always helpful in any serious conversation.

A simple discussion can help you better understand your sexual partner, though there are no guarantees. Happy couples often have strong intimate bonds that fuel their sexual activity.

Discussion of the mentioned topics can lead to a shared enjoyment of sex because everything has been honestly placed out in the open.

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