Shatavaryadi Churna

Shatavaryadi Churna – A Step Solution to Sexual Problems

Shatavaryadi Churna – A Step Solution to Sexual Problems Owing to the changed life styles, mankind is facing many serious health problems. Often it is taught and preached that “Health is Wealth”, but nobody thinks over it these days. In the blind urge to gather wealth, we have invited tensions and stress to be parts of our lives. Due to increasing pollution and adulteration (food which is adulterated by preservatives and many other chemicals) these days nothing is available in pure form. These adulterated dietary and lifestyle habits pose a hazard to health; which also includes sexual problems. Sexual problems and infertility has received less attention, even though it is widely reported. According to a population study, incidence of contribution of male factor alone is 40-50%. Management of infertility in modern medical science has its own limitations and adverse effects. Further it can assure only 30 to 40% results. It is every expensive and a common man cannot afford. In Ayurvedic classics, herbal and herbo-mineral fertility agents are explained in details. Shatavaryadi Churna given in Yoga Ratnakar acts as a great aphrodisiac drug. Shatavaryadi Churna: Shatavaryadi Churna is a herbal ayurvedic medicine. This medicine is prepared form five medicinal herbs. All herbs has immunomodulator, galactagogue (stimulates breast milk), aphrodisiac and rejuvenator properties. It is used as an aphrodisiac; it enhances the reproductive fluids and invigorates the reproductive drive. Ingredients of Shatavaryadi Churna: Shatavari – 1 Part Gokhru Beej – 1 Part Kawanch beej – 1 Part Safed musli – 1 Part Ashwagandha – 1 Part Preparation: All the ingredients are taken separately and made powder. Then all the powders are mixed together in equal quantity and stored for use. Benefits of Shatavaryadi Churna: 1) Dried root powder of Asparagus racemosusis helpful in regulating hormonal secretion in woman. Shatavari root powder is used by men to cure nocturnal emission(nightfall) and increasing fertility. 2) Ashwagandha root powder is a good rejuvenating tonic for reproductive system, especially for males. It improves sperm motility. It is also useful in oligospermia (increasing sperm count), poor sexual performance and helps to reduce infertility. It improves sexual potency and sperm production. 3) Gokhru fruit is used to treat various clinical conditions like sexual weakness in men, kidney dysfunction, urine problem etc. Gokhru also increases hormones secretion in the body. It supports testosterone production and muscles building. 4) Musli is a great tonic and helpful in curing various problems related to male reproductive system like low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, weakness, premature ejaculation, etc. It improves arousal and helps in sustained proper erection. Musli can be said to be substitute for Viagra. 5) Kaunch helps in reducesing stress, anxiety and increase stamina and sex drive libido, regularizes ovulation in women. It increases sperm count and very good for male. All the ingredients are well-known aphrodisiac and tonic. These are mixed and powdered. This fine blended powder is very nutritive. It rejuvenates the body. For males, it improves sexual health and sperm quality. Shatavaryadi Churna is useful in curing Semenal problem, Premature ejaculation, Weakness of Sex organ, Low stamina, etc. How Shatavaryadi churna works: In Shatavaryadi Churna drugs having a property of Madhura rasa and Madhura Vipaka which is Vata Shamaka. Indirectly helps in nourishment of Dhatus i.e. responsible for Dhatu Poshana, helps in balance and maintenance of Agni and ultimately causes Samyak Santarpan (nourishment of all body fluids). Also, Guru, Sheeta, Snigdha and Mridu gunas are directly responsible for Balya and Brihana effect in Body. These helps in balancing all the doshas and maintaining equilibrium of all functions of the body which also includes sexual desires, genital strength, good sperm count and quantity, stress control and correction of sexual disorders etc. Dosage of Shatavaryadi Churna: Shatavaryadi Churna should be taken in morning and an hour before sleeping, in a dose of 3-6 grams with sugar mixed cow milk Or take as directed by a physician.Conclusion: Shatavarydi Churna is a great herbal formulation described in ayurvedic texts. Studies have shown shatavaryadi churna has good effects on sexual problems like Erecile dysfnction, Premature ejaculation, Weakness of Sex organ, Low stamina, increases sperm quality and quantity, managing hormones etc. All the ingredients of shatavaryadi churna possess quality of rejuvenate the reproductive fluids and strengthen genitals thus improving sexual functions of the body. Hence shatavaryadi churna is a one-step solution to sexual problem being great aphrodisiac.