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What is Phimosis and How to Treat it

Phimosis is an ailment wherein the foreskin is not removed from around the tip of the male reproductive organ. A tight foreskin is normal in male babies who are not circumcised. However, the problem no longer remains to be problematic by the age of 4 or around. Phimosis can transpire spontaneously or can be caused as a result of scarring in babies. Young males may not require the treatment for phimosis unless it makes a hindrance in the discharge of urine. The exact reason behind this bizarre condition is not known but it occurs in some baby boys. The foreskin is very sensitive and should be handled wisely with care by the parents. If within 3 to 4 years of the birth the condition not gets fixed naturally. The parents should not ignore it. Immediate consultation with the specialist is highly recommended. The infirmity can also develop if the foreskin is vigorously repealed before it is qualified to do so. This can tarnish the skin and cause a traumatized impact on skin tissues at the tip of the penis. Sometimes it becomes more troublesome to repeal the foreskin and it causes severe pain. Rash or an infection on the head of the penis may be the reason for phimosis in both babies and adults. Some men suffering from phimosis can be tension free as it automatically comes and goes, especially when the male is young. If the problem stays for more than a week or two then you should start worrying about it. It is not necessary that an adult male could not counter such a medical condition. It is a myth that grown adults don’t get phimosis, they can get it and it could be agonizing. If phimosis creates an obstacle in the healthy urination or erections only an experience sexologist could take you out of this vicious circle. There have also been instances wherein there is no sign of any symptom or infection. But phimosis still exists. The degree of discomfort it can cause in adults is unimaginable. Also, it worsens the physical intimacy between the partners which further makes the relationship to bear the side-effects of this terrifying ailment. Calculating on the sternness of the case, periodic compassionate retraction may be ample to treat the problem from its root. A topical cream can be utilized to serve to relax the foreskin and make the reversal of the glan skin a much easier process. The person with phimosis could also practice gentle pulling back of the foreskin while urinating and bathing. There have been instances where this technique had worked for many. The topical ointment is applied into the area around the tip of the male reproductive organ and the stiffened foreskin for several weeks to get it to loosen up. Phimosis can be a grievous and distressing plight. However, it can be treatable by visiting the best sexologist in Mumbai at the right time. The results after seeking a specialist doctor are usually overwhelming. The key focus of the person with phimosis should be to get viable medical attention if the condition doesn’t go away naturally by its own.