Sexologist Doctor in Mumbai

How to Find the Right Sexologist Doctor in Mumbai for Your Needs?

Who Are Sexologists and What Do They Do? 

Often we hear the term sexology. We sometimes think that it is a hush-hush affair and that we should not speak with anyone about this problem. We even want to keep this problem in the surroundings of our bedroom only. But is this the right approach to life? You may need a sexologist anytime. Don’t you think you need to know well about sexologists in case you may need them anytime in your life?

Before trying to find a Sexologist Doctor in Mumbai, let us understand sexology.

What Does Sexology Include?

Sexology is a scientific study involving human sexuality, including behaviours, functions, and sexual interests. Sexologists come from diverse fields, including medicine, psychology, criminology, epidemiology, and more. This wide array of backgrounds allows individuals to bring unique perspectives to studying human sexuality and contribute to the field’s comprehensive understanding.

It also includes sexuality among people who are mentally or physically disabled. Sexologists cure sexual dysfunctions and disorders like erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia, paedophilia, etc. So, if anybody is suffering from the disease mentioned above and you stay anywhere, you may contact a sexologist Doctor in Mumbai.

Why is it important – Sexologist Doctor in Mumbai?

Sex is a fundamental aspect of human life, without which the lineage of families and the depth of love we experience with our parents and partners would not have flourished. It holds immense significance, particularly after marriage, and its role in fostering satisfaction is crucial for leading a fulfilled and happy life.

According to research conducted by an association, a concerning statistic reveals that three out of every five males experience an asexual deficiency, leading to challenges and a lack of success in their sexual lives. Sadly, a significant part of this issue is attributed to males’ lack of awareness and understanding about sexual diseases.

Sex holds great importance, and sexual satisfaction plays a vital role in leading a happy life. Startling findings from the latest research indicate that among every five males, three experience deficiencies related to sex power. Even more concerning is the fact that a significant number of males remain unaware of these sexual health issues. It highlights the need for increased awareness and proactive measures to address these concerns and ensure a healthier and more fulfilling sexual life for individuals.

The diseases like impotence are severe problems, and in this problem, the penis of the male cannot be erect during sexual intercourse; now there can be many explanations for this, but the most common are weak nerves and hormonal misbalance. Best Sexologists will treat with the help of Ayurveda, which has no side effects. Premature ejaculation is also a significant problem; having weak nerves is the primary reason. The treatment makes the nerves stronger of your reproductive system.

There are other problems, such as having a small penis, low libido and much more. Health standards can be improved easily with the regular intake of Ayurveda medicines, and that too without any adverse effect on your body. If you know someone suffering from this, help him get a checkup as fast as possible and let no disease hover around your loved ones.

Every life is composed of a number of problems, and one such area of problems is male sexuality. Irrespective of where men reside, they are the same in many ways. Many sexologists can be contacted online, but the best way to get your problem diagnosed is to visit a sexologist doctor in Mumbai.

Sexual health is essential to every man’s life, regardless of his civil status, age, or sexual orientation. Its significance goes beyond individual well-being, as it profoundly influences a couple’s relationship dynamics. Handling sexual health with care is crucial because issues like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation can create complexities and challenges in the relationship. By prioritizing sexual health and seeking appropriate support, individuals and couples can work towards fostering a more satisfying and harmonious relationship. In short, a complaint about sex must be correctly handled by a reputed sexologist doctor in Mumbai.

For various sexual functions to work correctly, there must be coordination among multiple body systems. Neurological pathways and hormones have to sync perfectly for heightened sexual desires. Blood must flow quickly from the brain to the penis for a great erection. Orgasm involves complex coordination between nerves and muscles but is often misinterpreted. An obstruction in any of the pathways can cause problems, and the treatment can be interpreted better if you know what Ayurvedic is.


Sex can take your love to the next level, so do not let health be wealth and happiness too, so don’t let happiness fade from your life in any way and be happy most of the time without any diseases. This will keep you satisfied and your family happy because there are no valuable riches other than health.

The ayurvedic treatment originated in India as one of the oldest forms of natural therapy. It was practised almost 5000 years ago by sages, and the knowledge has been passed down through generations. Since it is a natural form of treatment, there are no side effects. Different types of herbs can be consumed for sexual wellness, as the Sexologist recommends. For example, Indian ginseng is a commonly used herb for sexual treatment.

Male sexuality treatment is started with detailed sexual, medical and psychological history. At times, much information is obtained by the patient’s partner, which can be immensely helpful for the sexologist doctor in Mumbai. Based on the diagnosis, the future course of action can be decided there and then, in most cases.

Questions asked by Sexologist Doctor in Mumbai

Some of the common questions asked by sexologists are with regard to the following:

  • Duration of the problem
  • Frequency of sex
  • Different sexual partners
  • Non-sexual queries

A complete physical examination involves checking the pulses in the leg and proper assessment of the external genitalia (scrotum, perineum and penis). The doctor also tests the reflexes of these individual parts. Stay calm- all of these are part of the usual examination procedure. Be sure not to hide any facts from the sexologist doctor in Mumbai – tell them everything.


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