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The main cause is basically a mixture of physical and psychological factors. Sexual dysfunction can be treated by correcting or addressing the underlying issues or problems that are causing the dysfunction.

There are many men who have sexual problems. It has become more common as men age. Problems can include the following:

– Erectile dysfunction

– Reduced or lost interest in sex

– Problems with ejaculation

– Low testosterone

– Stress, illness, medicines, or emotional problems may also be factors

Occasional problems with sexual function are common these days. If such problems last more than a specific month or cause distress for you or for your partner, then you should see your healthcare provider.

These days, sexologist, psychologists and other clinicians focus on restoring sexual functioning and pleasure. They have developed effective treatments for many common conditions.


Many effective treatments have been developed for such common conditions:

Lack of desire- For this condition, treatment involves multi-step procedure. Sexologist Doctor began by helping clients identify negative attitudes about sex, they also explore the origins of such ideas and try’s to find new ways of thinking about sex. Later the focus get shifts to behavior. Sexologist Doctor may ask clients to keep diaries of their sexual desires and thoughts, watch erotic films or even develop fantasies. Sexologist Doctor and Therapists also address any relationship problems.

Erectile dysfunction In this, a therapy focuses on decreasing anxiety by taking the focus off intercourse. For male with physical problems, medication or other devices can help.

Premature ejaculation- The causes for Premature ejaculation can be because of many factors, treatment works in almost all cases. Treatment and Therapy mainly focuses on behavioral training. This therapy also helps the client and his partner, with this the man can learn how to withstand stimulation for a longer period of time.

To treat sexual dysfunction or any other sexual problems, your doctor may recommend that you should start with these strategies:

– Talk and listen- Open communication with your partner can be effective and makes a world of difference in your sexual satisfaction

– Practice healthy lifestyle habits

– Seek counseling

– Use a lubricant

– Try a device

Treatments are available for all kind of sexual problems which often combines medications or devices with counseling (sex therapy) and self-help measures. You can consult a psychiatrist for problems related to sexual performance. Counseling from a Online Sexologist Near Me can also help to deal with psychological problems that affect your sex life.

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