What Should Men Eat To Boost Their Fertility

Boost Infertility 1

Know that you’re not lonely if you and your partner are having fertility troubles. Infertility is more widespread than you would accept. It affects approximately one in every six couples, and experts suggest that about one in every three cases is due to the male partner’s fertility issues alone.

Although infertility is not always treatable, to improve the odds of conceiving, there are certain things you can do. With a balanced diet, vitamins, and other lifestyle strategies, fertility can be increased.

By doing these activities and eating rich vitamin food can increase fertility.

1-Exercise Regularly- Exercising daily, in addition to being healthy for your overall wellbeing, will increase testosterone levels and enhance fertility. Studies imply that men who frequently exercise have higher levels of testosterone and greater semen content than inactive men.

2-Relax and Less Stress- When you are feeling stressed, it’s hard to get in the mood, but there may be more to it than not feeling up for sex. Stress can decrease sexual pleasure and affect fertility. Continuous tension boosts cholesterol levels, which have a significant detrimental effect on testosterone. While increasing cholesterol level testosterone goes down. Stress can simply manage by taking a walk in the garden, meditating, and exercise.

3-Eat more Greens Vegetables–  The function of diet and fertility is not well known, but available data suggest that male fertility can be increased by a balanced, nutritious diet. What’s better for your sperm is going to be the most nutritious thing for the entire body. Choose good protein food (like fish and chicken), lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, high protein (like olive oil and nuts), and whole grains.

4- Add Vitamin C&E to Your Diet– Vitamin C and Vitamin E in your food will increase male infertility.  As men eat which has more vitamin C and vitamin E food, couples had a higher pregnancy rate.

5-Quit Smoking- A person has to quit smoking if he wants to increase fertility. Smoking will decrease the fertility of sperm. And if you’re going for fertility treatment, you may want to consider trying to stop smoking. Research teams have also shown that in couples using IVF for ICSI fertility therapies, smoking has had a significant detrimental impact on treatment progress.