Shatavari, an aphrodisiac (Advantages in Sex Problems)

Shatavari, an Aphrodisiac (Advantages in Sex Problems)

Sexual dysfunction is a common problem among both men and women. It can be caused by physical problems and medical conditions, such as heart disease and hormone imbalances, or by psychological problems, like anxiety, depression and the effects of past trauma. Sexual problems become more common in men and women as they age. Stress, illness, medicines, or emotional problems can contribute to sexual dysfunction.

Symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women-

It is common for couples to have problems with sex at some time in their relationship.

There are Five Types of Sexual Problems:

Desire disorders: No longer having an interest in sex.

Arousal disorders: You can’t feel a sexual response in your body. You can’t stay sexually aroused.

Orgasmic disorders: You are unable to have an orgasm or you have pain during orgasm.

Sexual pain disorder: When you experience pain during or after sex.

Hormone deficiency: Reduced estrogen (the primary female hormone) can affect sexual desire.

Men also have Four Types of Sexual Problems:

Erectile Dysfunction: Difficulty getting or keeping an erection.

Desire disorders: No longer or having less interest than you used to have in sex.

Problems with Ejaculation: Premature ejaculation (too early) or delayed (taking longer than normal or not at all).

Low Testosterone: Reduced levels of the male hormone, testosterone.

At any age, the stresses of everyday life can cause sexual dysfunction. Being tired from a busy job or caring for young children may affect your sexual desire. You may also be bored by a long-standing sexual routine.

Vajikaraṇa is a special branch of ayurveda which is practiced to promote the health and sexual life of the healthy men as well as of the sexually weak patients. There are medicines or therapy by which the man can becomes capable of sexual intercourse with greater strength, which endears him to women and which nourishes the body of the person. It is the best promoter of strength and vigor. Hence, Vajikarana prescribes the therapeutic use of various aphrodisiacs and tonic preparations for enhancing the vigor and reproductive capability, also strengthens other body tissues (dhatus) like muscles, bones, shukra (reproductive fluid) and blood.

One such plant, an ayurvedic herb called Shatavari- one of the best ayurvedic medicines for sexual health in both male and female. It has a great aphrodisiac property.

Shatavari –  An Aphrodisiac Herb.

Shatavari, also known as Asparagus racemosus, is a plant-based herb from the Asparagaceae family, native to Asian countries, found abundantly in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. The height of the plants lies between 1-2 meters. Its taste is an ideal mixture of bitter and sweet. The herb contains cool potency with oily physical properties.

Shatavari plant is full of antioxidants and has adaptogen properties.  It helps the body in dealing with stress, both emotional and physical. It is a vital herb in the ayurvedic practice. It is known as “Queen of the herbs” for its benefits and is used to cure a variety of conditions apart from managing stress-related ailments. It is very helpful in promoting sexual wellness and aid with disorders for both men and women.

Benefits of Shatavari in Sexual Problems-

1) Antioxidant properties-

Antioxidants prevent free radical cell damage.  They fight against oxidative stress and prevent the development of diseases and help promote better health physically and mentally.

2) Shatavari benefits for male reproductive system-

There are many benefits of shatavari for men particularly reproductive and sexual health.

– It promotes the production of hormones such as testosterone. – It is used to treat teratospermia (abnormal sperm shape). – It can improve sperm count. – It can improve the volume of semen. – It enhances sperm production. – It is also very helpful in treating erectile dysfunction. – It can prove helpful in treating premature ejaculation.

3) Shatavari benefits For Female Fertility-

Every woman likes a satisfying orgasm. But what comes before that? Your very desire to have sex is reflected in your sex drive. Shatavari is known to enhance the desire for sex among women, is a known trick to manage infertility among women, prevent miscarriages, and make sure of time ovulation.

4) Shatavari benefits for Libido-

Libido is vital to engage in sex. A lack of Libido among women could mean absolute disinterest in sexual activities and its inability, even if you want to have sex. Shatavari is a known libido booster. This is herb full of soothing and calming effects.

5) Help treat depression-

Shatavari is used in treating depression and anxiety. It is a mood enhancer, and beneficial in dealing with problems like anxiety and even, dementia. Shatavari has adaptogen qualities and helps you deal with emotional and physical stress.

The effects and working of Shatavari – 

Shatavari is mainly used to treat the pitta dosha and vata dosha. Shatavari increases the kapha owing to its heavy nature. Due to its oily nature, it has a nourishing property. Due to its sweet and bitter taste, it has a cooling impact on the body, balancing the doshas of the body. All these qualities make it a ‘Rasayana’ – meaning rejuvenating for the blood, making the functioning of the digestive system better, and benefitting the reproductive system including sexual problems.

Administration of shatavari-

Shatavari comes in the forms of shatavari churna or powder, shatavari balls, shatavari tablets, shatavari capsules, shatavari syrup, and shatavari juice. The ultimate goal to reap the benefits of shatavari is by knowing the dosage and the supplement best suitable for your need. Hence, here are some of the ways that men can use shatavari.

Shatavari Churna- It is the most favored among people. It can be taken with milk or honey after lunch and dinner. The recommended dose of shatavari churna is half a teaspoon twice a day, after meals. People can take this churna with warm water or warm milk.

The maximum amount of churna a person can take is up to 6 gms. People can take 3-6 grams of shatavari churna a day at their convenience. Always consult with a doctor to determine the correct dosage based on your needs.

Shatavari balls- They are made up of shatavari churna. These delicious balls can be taken with warm water or milk, twice a day, after your meals.

Shatavari Tablets and Capsules- Take 1-2 Shatavari tablets or capsules after lunch and dinner with warm water, twice a day daily.

Shatavari juice and syrup- It is recommended that the juice is taken on an empty stomach with warm water to reap the best results.

Shatavari Gulam- It is an ayurvedic preparation- that usually has the consistency of jam, having jaggery added to shatavari to make shatavari gulam that is sweet to taste. shatavari gulam has a range of benefits and is used to treat a range of UTI infections and liver complications.


Shatavari is considered a great remedy for almost 100 different conditions. Incorporating it into your daily diet improves fertility, libido, strengthens the reproductive system, relieves stress, and much more. With all the mentioned properties shatavari is great aphrodisiac drug in nature, however proper consultation with ayurvedic expert will be highly recommended.