Salam Mishri

An Aphrodisiac Salam Mishri (Advantages in Sex Problems)

Sexual dysfunction is common at any age. Sexual disorders are characterized by disturbance in sexual desire and drive, and the psychophysiological changes that characterize the sexual response cycle can cause marked distress and interpersonal difficulties. Dissatisfaction, the failure to satisfy one’s own or one’s partner’s sexual needs (either stated or unstated), is a frequent cause of referral to sexual, marital or couple therapy clinics, and may in part have sexual dysfunction at its core. Ayurvedic aphrodisiac enhance the vitality and give sexual power to couples, which enable them to give birth to healthy children. Western medicine relies on aggressive prescription of drugs and surgery to deal with many problems related to sexual dysfunction which in turn have unwanted and even dangerous side effects. In regards to this Scientists are searching for a safe and effective phytomedicine from Ayurveda. One such aphrodisiac is Salam Mishri. Salam Mishri is one of the important herbs in ayurveda. It is also called as Salmond sugar, Salab Misri. The scientific name of Salam Mishri is Orchis Mascula. It is a parennial herbaceous plant that grown just 1-2 feet in height. Its purple in color at the top and the bottom is green in color. Is commonly found and cultivated in Europe, Northwest Africa and Middle East countries. The tubers of this plant are finely grounded to make fine flour which is known as saleb or sahlab. This flour contains a very nutritious starch like substance which is rich in glucomannan. A lot of desserts, ice-creams (specially the recently popular Turkish Ice-creams in India) contain Saleb. Benefits of Salam Mishri in sex problems: Salam Misri or Salab Misri is used extensively in Ayurvedic and Unani medicines. It is considered as excellent aphrodisiac herb. It is also known to act as a nerve tonic, improving muscle tone and overall wellbeing of the user. The range of conditions in which Saleb Orchid is applied includes wasting diseases, sexual or nervous debility, impotence, general weakness. 1) Salam Mishri acts as a potent aphrodisiac. 2) It helps in treating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Its constituent alkaloids strengthen your body and your genitals, helping you get stronger erections that last longer during the sexual act. 3) It improves libido in men. With good blood flow to the genitals and enhanced energy in mind and body; it helps a person to improve low sexual desires and have good time in bed. 4) It acts a nerve protector, rejuvenator and tonic. Salam Mishri is loaded with essential nutrients and has immunity-boosting properties that help build a stronger immune system. Consuming the root powder of this plant flushes out the toxins from the body. 5) Salam Mishri may help in different mental disorders (like anxiety and depression). Salam helps to improve the functioning of the brain; helping to deal with stress, performance anxiety, psychological sexual dysfunctions etc. 6) Salab misri has expectorant, demulcent and astringent properties. These properties make it an excellent choice for treating premature ejaculation. 7) It helps to strengthen muscles, increases lean muscle mass and gives strength to the body. Due to increased flow of blood to your pelvic region, you get aroused more easily and perform better in bed. 8) Salab Mishri may help in increasing male fertility by increasing the sperm count and motility. The powdered herb also provides more nourishment to your genital area, allowing your testicles to produce more sperm – therefore improving potency and increasing overall sperm quality. 9) Salam Mishri is also helpful in treating excessive nightfall problem. 10) It improves and maintains healthy testosterone level in men which results in increased libido, increase sperm count, better erections and endurance. How Salam mishri works: Salam Mishri is slightly sweet in taste with expectorant, demulcent and astringent property. All these properties help remove ama (toxins) from the body. This in return helps with rejuvenating the body with balancing the doshas of the body. Thus enhancing immunity, mental fitness and functioning of all the process in the body; which includes its great role as aphrodisiac. Dosage of Salam Mishri: Take half teaspoon (approx 3-5gms) of this powder in the morning, empty stomach (before breakfast) with water or milk. If you are suffering from severe sexual weakness or conditions like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or nightfall, it is suggested to take it twice a day for the first 15 days (or a month). Once the symptoms start diminishing, you may reduce the dosage to once a day, i.e. in the morning only. Side effects: Salam Mishri is a completely natural herb. There are no known or reported side effects of this herb. However, it is suggested not to use Salam Mishri if you are suffering from Diabetes, Blood pressure, Liver failure or kidney failure. Always consult your doctor before using Salab Misri or any other herbal supplement. Conclusion: Salam mishri also called Salab mishri is very good and effective in promoting male sexual performance. It is very helpful in treating various diseases related to sexual heath. It is very helpful in treating diseases like premature ejaculation, low libido, low sperm quality and quantity, erectile dysfunction etc.