Dhat Rog - Dhat Syndrome - Spermatorrhoea

When there is involuntary (without Orgasm) loss of semen in urine or while passing stools – then this condition is called Dhat rog.

Dhat Syndrome Treatment in Mumbai

It is also known by the names Dhatu Rog, Semenpremia, Prameh, Shukrameh, Jiryan, Spermatorrhoea or Dhaat Syndrome etc.

Man who is troubled by Dhat roga often says to the doctor that whenever he passes urine or goes for toilet, a sticky substance ( like semen or milk or lassi or like colour less sticky watery material just like sugar ke chashni ) comes out from his Penis and also complaints of slight burning sensation and slight pain in Penis.

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The word “Dhat” derives from the Sanskrit language word dhatu, meaning “elixir” or “constituent part of the body” which is considered to be “the most concentrated, perfect and powerful bodily substance, and its preservation guarantees good health and longevity.” The disorder related to this dhatu, i.e., semen, is mentioned in ancient treatise “Sushruta Samhita”.

It is important to learn that this anxiety about seminal loss is not only prevalent in the Indian subcontinent but also in the Western world. From the times of Hippocrates and Aristotle.

As per Aristotle, 384-322 B.C. semen is considered an extremely important part of the body. “Sperms are the excretion of our food; or to put it more clearly, the most perfected component of food”.

Andrew Tissot ( 1728 – 1797 ) commented in his treatise on the disease produced by onanism that “losing one ounce of sperm is more debilitating than losing 40 ounces of blood.” His statement seems to be closer to the Indian Theory.

In many Western European cultures, masturbation was prohibited by religion.

Henry Maudsley ( 1835 – 1918 ) even considered that semen loss, especially if it occurs through masturbation, results in serious mental illness.

George Beard ( 1838 – 1883 ) considered nocturnal emissions of semen as one of the commonest reasons for neurasthenia. Therefore, the concept of Dhat syndrome or semen-loss syndrome was prevalent among Western cultures also with different names at some point in time. We provide the best ayurvedic Dhat rog treatment in India at Kayakalp international clinics in Mumbai; India

It is more important to give information about the semen before telling about the Dhat roga. According to Ayurveda, the human body is made up of seven dhatus. They are Rasa dhatu (plasma), rakta dhatu (blood), mamsa dhatu (muscle), medo dhatu (fat or adipose tissue), asthi dhatu (bone), majja dhatu (bone marrow) and shukra dhatu (seminal fluid). Whatever food we take, the rasa dhatu is formed first, then the rest of the dhatus are formed. As per nutritious diet we take our body becomes equally strong. But if for some reason these dhatus start coming out of the body, then our body will become equally weak.

Shukra Dhatu is the most refined of the seven Dhatus and contain the essence of all other dhatus. So abnormal loss of it definitely impairs the normal functioning of the body especially the reproductive system, finally cause a disease called Sukra meha / Dhat Roga.

Dhat roga / Sukra meha is considered one of the twenty types of Kaphaja Prameha described in Ayurveda.

The word Prameha itself means watery discharge from genito urinary tract.

The fear of Dhat roga has been set in the minds of men for years and even today, the main reason for this is the lack of complete sex education. Because of the shyness & taboo, no one is talking to each other about this issue. Due to this, quacks have spread such misconceptions that the fear of Dhat roga has completely set in the minds of men.

Taking advantage of this fear, various quacks often charge a significant amount of money by telling the patient who comes to them that it is a very serious disease, whereas it is not like that.

Causes of Dhat roga:

According to the famous Ayurvedic treatise called Bhaisjya Ratnavali, “Yodavashi kurute mudhosvidhinaa retasah Kshyam” that means, a foolish man who is unable to control his mind or for other reasons masturbates excessively or does excessive sex with prostitutes or doing unnatural sex or ejaculates excessive semen by unnatural means – then he develops Dhat roga.

Other reasons for Dhat roga may be —- due to contamination of food, eating too much non-veg food, sitting for too long, excessive sleeping, consuming more spicy, sour, pungent substances, less digestive power, more intake of cigarettes, bidis, tobacco, hashish, hemp, carnivore, liquorice (which increases the vata and pitta in the body ). Apart from this, if person always keep thinking about sex, excessive consumption of stimulants and hot substances, excess heat in the private parts, thinning of the semen, excessive production of semen, defect in testicles, excessive sexual dreaming, having worms in the stomach, not having sexual intercourse for a long time, constipation, and itching near genitals etc etc. are all other reasons.

Side effects of Dhat Roga:

Most of the patient suffering from excessive Dhat Rog complaint about following sign and symptoms:

Weakness in the body, joint pains, back pain, pain in the penis and testicles, loss of appetite, constipation, acidity, gas, loss of health, body is not getting better even taking good food, sunken cheeks and eyes, loss of memory, feeling dizzy, sleeplessness, nervousness, loss of concentration, loss of libido, not getting proper erection and not getting interest in sex, premature ejaculation, thin and less semen, and shortness of penis etc. etc.
But please note that all these sign of symptoms are not always because of Dhat Roga. This may be because of some other medical problem in the body !! Consult online with the best ayurvedic sexologist for Dhat Syndrome Treatment in Mumbai.

Dhat roga and confusion:

1. Sometimes when men are in sexual thoughts like ( watching porn videos, whatsapps, chats , etc. ), reading porn materials, sitting with a female partner at public place like garden etc. then a sticky fluid ( like semen or milk or lassi or like sugar chashni ) comes out of the penis. It should not be considered as Dhat roga. This is a natural process, but if this fluid comes out in large quantities and comes out very soon, then it can also be a sign of premature ejaculation.

2. Every substance coming out with the urine is not semen, sometimes phosphate, calcium, protein, pus cells are also found in the urine. So get the urine tested.

3. Sometimes when the stomach is upset, in constipation we force during the bowel movement, then the semen comes out. This is due to constipation. If this happens, do not consider it a Dhat roga, but rather treat the stomach problem. But yes if the semen comes out without putting pressure to pass the stools then it is termed as Dhat Roga.

4. Sometime instead of semen, secretion is passed from the prostate, which is known as prostatorrhea. The secretion from the prostate is milky without Spermatozoa while on the other hand in semen, spermatozoa are present.

5. Sometimes the secretions take place from vesicles or Cowper’s glands. The secretion of vesicles is yellow in colour and that of Cowper’s glands is colourless like water.

Therefore, all these ailments should not be ignored and proper diagnosis is needed to rule out the Spermatorrhoea. And it should be treated as soon as possible since it disturbs the whole nervous system and may or may not cause erectile Dysfuction.

Dhat syndrome treatment in Mumbai:

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A correct understanding of Dhat Rog is necessary for its successful treatment. First one should try to find the real reason for the condition. Then only the right treatment can be adopted.

Many ayurvedic herbs are used for Dhat Syndrome which enhance energy and performance of the reproductive system. These herbs will remove debility and weakness and will elevate levels of testosterone hormone in the body to rejuvenate and re-energize the reproductive system. These herbs strengthens, repairs, and stimulates the nerves and maintain an optimum supply of energy throughout the day to prevent semen discharge with urine i.e. Dhat Roga.

Many of the following ayurvedic herbs and other extracts are used to control Dhat Roga.

Haldi, Ashwagandha, Brahami, Safed Musli, Gokshura, Amla, Vaheda, Harad, Geloy, Daru haldi, Shilajit, Akarkara etc. etc.

Some of the ready made formulations are :-

  • Chandanadi vati
  • Chandanasava
  • Gokshuradi guggulu
  • Chandraprbha vati
  • Ashwagandhadi lehyam
  • Dhatupaushtik Churna
  • Shilajit rasayan
  • Manmath Ras
  • Shukramatrika Vati

Suggesting you an Ayurvedic Formulations:

  • Take satavaryadi churan one teaspoon in the morning.
  • Take chandrakala ras one in the morning and one in the night.
  • And take tablet Poorna Chandra ras brihat, one in the morning and one in the night after food.

See the results if you are not getting good results then you may contact your Doctor for Dhat Syndrome Treatment in Mumbai

Tips to Prevent Unnatural Excessive Nightfall:

Do not read Pornographic books and do not see Porn Pictures, Porn Movies, avoid Sexy Chats, Videos, and Porn Videos in mobile, Laptop, Desktop, computers; Do not stay with bad and sensual friends; Stay away from pornographic environments; Also avoid unnatural sex such as excessive masturbation, animal sex, lesbian sex etc; avoid heavy, oily, fried & junk food; Do not let the smegma accumulate on the penis clean it often.
 Get up before 5 am in the morning.
 Drink 3-4 glasses of water as soon as you wake up in the morning.
 Keep the stomach clean.
 Do exercise or walking in the morning.
 Read good religious books.
 At night walk for half an hour before sleeping.
 Eat less at night, avoid gas, indigestion & constipation.
 Wash hands & feet before sleep.
Practicing Yoga, pranayam and meditation regularly before going to sleep can also help in getting rid of the excessive nightfalls.

Do’s & Don’t’s:

Do’s :-

  • Take good, light and healthy diets.
  • Do exercise and yoga daily preferably pranayama, meditation, vajroli mudra and ashwini mudra.
  • Do kegel exercises.
  • Keep stomach clean.
  • Read and watch religious book and materials.
  • Take more fruits and vegetarian diets.
  • Drink more water and liquids.

Don’t’s :-

  • Avoid excessive masturbation.
  • Do not watch porn video.. whatsapps .. and messages
  • Avoid using tight undergarments.
  • Try to avoid non-veg, spicy, fried and chilly food.
  • Avoid constipation.
  • Avoid excessive smoking, drinking, gutkas, and other narcotic materials.

Even doing all these efforts and taking the above-said medicines even then if the Dhat rog is not controlled or cured then don’t get upset, meet your family doctor or a sex doctor. Dhat rog requires immediate attention, take sexologist online consultation.

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