Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit A Sexologist- By Dr. A. Kumar

What Is a Sex Therapist and How Can Sexologist by Dr. A. Kumar Help You? 

A sexologist is a therapist who is specialist in sexual problems and is aware of how to cope with them. If you’re facing sexual trouble and are unable to satisfy your partner then it is time to seek advice from a sexologist- Dr. A. Kumar without hesitation. It is high time to interrupt the stereotype and admit that there may be nothing to be ashamed of meeting a sexologist or discussing about your sexual issues. Men bear in mind it to be a humiliation however it isn’t always.

Only after some years have returned, if you meet a sexologist- Dr. A. Kumar , then you will surely understand how it has changed into a huge taboo. People could never sense at ease sharing their intimate moments. Lately, as societies have end up superior, People are regularly getting liberal about such troubles concerning sexual troubles start traveling sexologists greater often.

Sexologist Dr. A. Kumar Might Improve in Your Sexual Life 


A sexologist is a person who has studied human sexuality. Sexologists have studied the technology of sex, which means that they have got studied human anatomy and body structure (how the frame works and why) and psychology (how our minds paintings) regarding sexuality.

Sexologists now declare to have extra shoppers than ever earlier than. Stressful competitive lives, ego clashes, and individualistic questioning spoil couples’ capacity to revel in intimacy to a massive extent. Thus, in general, there is an extra need for sexologist help in present times.

In today’s day and age with ever-growing risks of catching STDs, sexual health is extra vital than ever. This guide seems to be when it’s time to look an intercourse therapist or go to a sexologist. If you’re questioning or no longer certain if you must seek advice from a sexologist, then there are few points which suggest you want to consult a sexologist:

If you are wondering or not sure if you should consult a sexologist, then there are few points which indicate you need to consult a sexologist:

There are often quarrels with your partner on sexual issues.

Your relationship is hanging by a thread because of sexual problems between you and your partner.

You get disturbed when discussed about your sexual behavior.

Your problems are not letting you concentrate on your life or other work.

Sexual difficulties are tearing you apart and eating you inside.

When should I see a sexologist? | Sex Clinics in India 


Sex is strongly related to our bodily, emotional, and psychosocial health and determines our relationships and happiness to a huge extent. For many, intercourse is the most exciting part of a relationship and offers immense pride and contentment. For such couples, it’s far from a pillar of electricity as they derive confidence and trust from their relationship through a very good intercourse life.

Unfortunately, this does not hold properly for many companions. Many struggles to locate solutions to their issues. Many battle with failed relationships and fail to revel in the act itself. Human relationships are quite complex and sex is an crucial part of it. Understanding and dealing with sexual troubles require a variety of sensitivity.

Top reasons why you should visit sexologist- Dr. A. Kumar: 


1. Penis Size: The length of the penis is an issue of outstanding situation for men. Small size penis can affect a person’s confidence making him aggravating and apprehensive thus affecting his overall performance significantly. The health practitioner may additionally endorse drugs and hormonal remedy and a professional may additionally assist the affected person overcome self-assurance problems.

2. You are experiencing a strange sex drive

This one is going with both methods. A bizarre intercourse force, or libido, can be abnormally low, or abnormally excessive. Remember it is every day to feel a few version in sex pressure all through the exclusive stages of your cycle, however a thorough change is generally now not regular. Learn greater about intercourse force and what reasons it to plummet or to skyrocket.

3. Low intercourse drive

It’s fairly self-explanatory and doesn’t worry if you’ve been experiencing this, but essentially a low intercourse pressure way that one doesn’t need to be seeking for intimacy with their partner. If you have got low sex power, you’re bound to avoid physical intimacy along with your accomplice. This may take place because of diverse motives, together with hormonal modifications, certain medications, pressure, and fatigue. If you low sex force has turn out to be a continual hassle in your life, you need to consult a sexologist about it.

4. Your orgasms are evasive

If your orgasms have all at once switched from smooth to return to not possible to attain and you’re unable to reach the climax no matter simulation, choice and electricity among you both, go to the sexologist proper away.

5. You revel in painful sex

It isn’t always regular to feel ache while having sexual relations; in case you do, something is inaccurate. Most reasons for painful sex (dyspareunia) are physiological, however anxiety, fear and anticipation can exacerbate the pain. In this example, therapy with a sexologist could be very much advised.

6. The Experts Offer the Best Premature Ejaculation Treatment:

Ideally, for the satisfactory experience, ejaculation needs to occur whilst each of the partners reach the peak in their orgasm. Still, some guys ejaculate too early. Such men get the fine untimely ejaculation treatment from the professional sexologist.

7. Terrible Experience:

It can be possible so that it will experience responsibility approximately having intercourse. This might also take place at the account of a terrible sexual enjoy inside the past, inclusive of being a victim of child abuse. You can remedy the hassle by means of talking it out with a sexologist.

8. Erectile Dysfunction:

Lose erection or incapability to preserve an erection can reason extreme misery amongst guys. This is curable in maximum cases. A sexologist by Dr. A. Kumar can assist the affected person repair his intercourse lifestyles every day.

9. Psychological issues

Some people, in particular men, may have psychological issues which include erectile disorder, the inability to penetrate or premature ejaculation which could all make intercourse quite hard. However, all of these may be handled medically and visiting sexologists can get one acquainted with how nice to begin with such treatment.

10. When You have Obsession with sex

If someone turns into manner too preoccupied with sexual mind, day and night time, this will significantly affect their functioning and performance when underlying mental problems require instantaneous analysis. Sexologists can provide mature sexual health education for couples and individuals to technique the basis causes and assist human beings get help for themselves. It’s well worth looking for professional help to position problems right before they grow.

Why Should You Visit a Sexologist- Dr. A. Kumar? 

You should additionally visit a sexologist – Dr. A. kumar if you are unable to have satisfactory sex or unable to achieve orgasms. This is more common in ladies than men. Ejaculation and orgasm are associated with each other. If you cannot gain an orgasm in spite of having a intercourse drive, you ought to be involved and are searching for scientific opinion.

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