secrets of sex

12 secrets of sex and to become sizzling hot from best sexologist in India

Do you want to make sex better for you and your partner? here are few secrets of sex!

Here are a few tips that could act as a guide to the best orgasms for you. When sex isn’t enough or less pleasing in a romantic relationship, then so many consequences come with it. Like infidelity, frustration, misplaced anger, lower sex drive, and whatnot. Here are a few secrets of sex from the best sexologists in India to save you from any of these consequences. 

secrets of sex

  1. Flirting:

Flirting is an art; it boosts confidence for both parties, the one flirting and the one being flirted with. It creates sexual anticipation between the partners making the sex a lot better! 


  1. Kiss:

Making kissing your partner a ritual in the morning and night can really make things magical. It reminds your partner of how it feels when they’re with you. Also, regularity makes your partner feel very special, so that’s always the way to go!


  1. Communicate: 

Honesty with your partner about your desires from the very beginning can be quite a special secret of sex. Telling your partner about how you’d like to try a particular fantasy might surprise you. 


  1. Stimulate all 5 senses: 

See, touch, taste, hear, and smell what you can help you have better orgasms. If you don’t use one sense, you might be missing out on 20% of the kind of orgasm you can have, so go ahead and use them all. 


  1. Discover erogenous zones: 

Almost everyone has a spot apart from the generic spots to help with orgasms or turn your partner on. For someone, it may be dragging your nails through their back and for someone; it may be as simple as kissing or breathing in their ears. Not everyone might know their own erogenous zones so spend some time with you partner exploring each part of their body. 


  1. Synchronized breathing: 

When one person inhales, the other person exhales. This rhythm can do more than you can imagine. Usually, both the partners, because of going at a particular speed, might be equally out of breath, but practicing this not just during sexual activities can bring you in sync and make the sex melodious. 


  1. Share erotica: 

Someway or the other, almost everyone has some erotica. Some might read novels, and some might just watch videos, but sharing these with your partner is not that common. It may be a little difficult for one to communicate their likes or dislikes verbally, so showing your partners one of your most liked erotica might do the work. 


  1. Oral delights: 

Starting off sex with an enjoyable blowjob for the man and ending it with cunnilingus for the woman can be an absolute delight and one of the best secrets of sizzling hot sex. Spicing things up by doing the 69 pose is always a good idea. 


  1. Love toys: 

Unlike what most people think, love toys needn’t necessarily be store-bought authentic love toys; using regular household items might just be an answer to your problems.


  1. Discover her G-Spot: 

The G-Spot is likely to be confused with a woman’s clit; however, it is far away from the clit. The G-Spot is approximately 2 inches inside the vaginal opening, there may be a little difficulty finding the exact spot but it’s worth the entire struggle. 


  1. Discover his H-Spot: 

Some men enjoy getting fingered in the butt because that is where the prostate gland is. This is definitely not enjoyable for all men, so make sure you confirm with your partner. 


  1. Different Positions: 

Trying different and new positions from the Kama Sutra or your favorite erotica with your partner can make a lot of things interesting in bed for you and your partner.


Many a time problem might not just be of confidence or initiation of the sex or stress; but it can be a deeper issue like lack of libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, psychological erection issues, and masturbation addiction affecting sex life.

All these issues require medical help to get cured; here Ayurveda can play a good role with great herbal formulation with minimum or no side effects at all. Ayurveda deals with solving the problem permanently not just providing with temporary solution.

Ayurvedic formulations depend on persons individual prakruti, doshas, digestive power etc; so it is always advisable to consult an expert for best and effective treatment of your problem with sexual dysfunction 

I am suggesting you some ayurvedic medicines.

Take Aswagandhadi churan half teaspoon in the morning & in the night.

Take Capsule SHILAJIT one in the morning and one in the night,

Take tablet manmath Ras one in the morning and one in the night.

Take tablet Pushp dhanva Ras one in the morning and one in the night. And take tablet Sidh makardhwaj Vati with gold, one in the morning and one in the night after food.

All the above preferably with hot milk or with water

Also apply and message Shri Gopal tail on your penis three times a week for 2 to 4 minutes.

Avoid junk food, oily and spicier food, alcohol, tobacco, tension and anxiety.

Start doing brisk walk or running or cardio exercises for at least 30 min a day. Start doing yoga, pranayama, meditation, Vajroli mudra. Ashwini mudra, kegel exercise for at least 30 min a day.

Start taking hot milk twice a day.

2-3 dates in the morning and in the night with milk.

Do all the above suggested treatment for 3 months and see the results.

If you don’t get satisfactory results then please go to your family doctor or a good sexologist.

You can also contact me on my private chat or directly in my clinic. We can send you the medicines by courier.

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