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All About Sex Toys You Should Know! Find Your Personalities Perfect Match…

Sex toys are some objects that help to enjoy sexual stimulation for self or others. Has said knowledge is the key to every mystery in life, and sex toys are no exception. Today’s sex toy industry is overflowing with options for the individual and the couple, with user-friendly features that range in size, shape, color, dimension and functionality.

Technically, a sex toy is any object you can use to produce sexual arousal, pleasure or climax for yourself or another person. In ancient times, popular sex toys included old hollowed-out loaves of bread and carved chalk dildos.

Reasons to use sex toys-

It is based on countless individual factors, including

Never limited to the person’s personality

The conditions of their love life

Their partner’s wishes

Their sexuality Fluid

Their romantic intentions

The presence of unsatisfied fantasies

Sex toys allow people to fully customize their sexual experiences through a wide range of features and design options, providing men and women with the opportunity to make or break their own rules.

Types of sex toys-

Cock Rings

Dildos (Dongs)- Realistic, Fantasy-inspired, Squirting, DIY

Vibrators- such as: Rabbit vibes, Vibrating bullets, Wands, Panties, Prostate Massagers (P-Spot Stimulators), Butt Plugs, Anal Beads

Male Masturbators (Automatic or Manual)- Pocket Pussies

Sex Dolls and Torsos- Twerking Asses

BDSM Tools- such as: Hand/Feet restraints, Electrostimulation toys, Floggers, whips and ticklers, Pussy and nipple clamps, Cock cages, Ball gags

Penis Enhancers- such as: Topical creams, lotions and/or ointments, Penis pumps, Penis extenders, Pussy Pumps

Strap-On Harnesses, including: Strapless strap-on dildos using attached anal stimulators

Novelty Items, such as: Combination toys, Product kits, Games, Accessories

How to choose a sex toy-

Besides knowing what a sex toy is, being educated on the proper use of one, and knowing about ways to find the best model, determining your ideal sex toys you require a close and careful consideration of a few personal matters.

For starters, find out if you or anyone you have sex with has any skin sensitivities and/or allergies to certain materials. Secondly, study your unique body types and openly discuss your sexual desires.

As for the regular folks who want to enjoy a tailored sexual experience without refinancing their house, there are luckily several customizable features to explore. Between personally molded dildos and porn star-inspired sleeve textures, customizable orifices, virtual reality connectivity, Bluetooth capabilities, motion sensing features, and sync-to-toy technologies, the average Joe or Jane can get the same bang for his or her buck as the millionaires who waste their money on solid gold dildos.

How to introduce sex toy to your partner and your sexual routine-

Talk with your partner with comfort and ease, in personal private space; to let your partner be comfortable and have open end conversation.

Feel free to explore the options available to you online or at your local adult entertainment store.

A good rule of thumb is to keep things simple at first; start small.

Try to be encouraging and supportive of your partner until they’re comfortable with the new addition to your relationship.

Always respect their boundaries and never force them to do anything they don’t want to do.

There is no special skillset required to use most modern-day sex toys. All you need is a good sexual intuition and enough time to enjoy the process.

Precaution with sex toy-

It’s important for you to carefully consider the body types involved. Also, be sure you know whether anyone has an allergy to certain materials. Most of these sex toys are user friendly that suits an average body type. It’s important to consider oneself body type before purchasing any kind of these sex toys.

What sex toy suits you according to your personality-

There are many personalities that suits according to person’s sexual preference and mood. Some people refer sex toy as an person to explore, some find it exciting, some are in mood for change in their normal routine, some enjoy it being alone- the body shy ones etc. Choosing a sex toy totally depend on what you are looking to include in your sex routine.

It’s always advisable to find all the information, precautions, and use directions for whatever sex toy you choose. Consulting a sexologist for open discussion on sex toy helps you to get a sex toy according to your personality.

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