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Sex Doctors and sexologists say’s Balanitis is a health syndrome that involves an inflammation of the tip of the penis or Glans Penis. The term is derived from the Greek word “balanos” meaning “acorn’”. It is a quite common disease. The disorder can be seen in males of any age group.
If the disease affects the foreskin of the penis, the condition is named as Balanoposthitis.

Balanitis Symptoms in Men

Some of the most common symptoms of balanitis are :


A patient of Balanitis exhibits redness in the penis. In people affected with Balanitis foreskin also becomes red in color. In Balanitis redness is one of the initial symptoms.


The disease gives rise to abnormal rashes on the upper part of the penis.

Foul Discharge

There is also a discharge from the penis that emits a foul odor.

Pain in Penis

Sufferers also experience pain in the penis and the foreskin. In people with Balanitis pain is very common.

What Causes Balanitis?

According to sex doctor, number of factors can act as Balanitis causes. These are :

Poor Hygiene

Bad hygiene is a main cause of Balanitis in uncircumcised men. Improper washing of the Glans Penis or washing the groin region with a harsh soap can be a prime reason behind this condition.


In patients of Balanitis bacterial, viral or fungal infection of the skin of the penis can also be a prime cause.


Certain chemicals used for washing clothes can stay on after drying and cause irritation in the skin in the wearer.


Trauma or injury to the skin can also result in an inflammation or swelling of the head of the penis.


People with Diabetes Mellitus are particularly susceptible to this condition. Diabetes is believed to make people more prone to Balanitis.

Yeast Infection

In case of inflammatory Balanitis yeast infection is often found to be a cause.

Sexual Contact

In rare cases sexual contact can be a causative factor. Physical intercourse can transmit the infection from an infected person to a non-infected one. It can also injure or inflame the affected region.

The disease is at first visible in the form of small, red eruptions on the Glans Penis. Then the skin takes on a red appearance. The penis turns red in color. Rashes begin to appear on the head of the penis followed by a foul-smelling discharge. In the final stages, the penis and its foreskin become painful.

Balanitis Diagnosis

An experienced urologist or dermatologist carries out the diagnosis by physical observation. Skin tests may be needed if the physician suspects an infection as the cause. In some cases, a skin biopsy may be required.

Balanitis Treatment by a Sex Doctor(Sexologist)

Treatment of Balanitis depends on the cause of the disease. If an infection causes Balanitis antibiotics in the form of pills and topical creams are needed. In Balanitis treatment or visit a Sex Doctor (sexologist antibiotics are very effective. In patients with skin diseases, steroidal creams prove to be a very effective Balanitis cure. Treatment of sexual dysfunction is provided by various doctors across India but If you are looking for ayurvedic sexual problems treatment in Mumbai (India), It is best done by us – Kayakalp international clinics in Mumbai.

In case of pain and swelling in the region, doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs for immediate relief.
If a yeast infection leads to Balanitis antifungal creams can be used. For Balanitis treatment creams prove to be very useful by a Sex Doctor(sexologist). In the case of inflammatory balanitis treatment over the counter, medicines are quite effective.

In very severe cases of Balanitis uncircumcised men can go for circumcision. In Balanitis recurring situations, circumcision is the best possible Balanitis natural treatment.

Balanitis Home Remedies

Balanitis home treatment recommended by a Sex Doctor can include the following:

Sex Doctor

Proper Hygiene

Following proper hygiene can help you avoid this disease. Regularly washing the penis and cleaning it thoroughly can help in recovering faster from Balanitis.

Avoiding Sex

Keeping away from sexual contact is not usually necessary. However, it is better to stop having any sexual activity until you are completely cured from the disease. As aforesaid, sexual contact can transmit the infection and also inflame the penis.

Avoiding Inflammatory Soaps

If you or your physician suspects any soap or skin lotion that you use to be the cause of Glans Penis inflammation. It is better to stop using those. You can try these Balanitis home remedies for a faster recovery.

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