Benefits of practicing celibacy

Benefits of Practicing Celibacy/ Brahmacharya

Benefits of practicing celibacy/ Brahmacharya | Ayurveda mentions that there are 3 pillars for maintaining a better health; they are called as Trayopastambhas or three pillars of health. These include Ahara- Right Diet, Nidra- Right Sleep and Brahmachrya-Right Sexuality. Brahmacharya denotes a lifestyle adopted to attain the ultimate reality by avoiding sexual acts physically, mentally & verbally under all circumstances.

There are 8 steps of sexual act: remembering, talking, fore play, secret talks, deciding to have sex, and beginning of the act & completing the coitus. Complete abstinence from all these 8 steps is called Brahmacharya/ celibacy.

Celibacy is control over genital organ, which leads to pleasant mind & is helpful to attain knowledge about Brahma i.e. supreme God.

There is a misconception about Kama in our society, Kama is having sexual lust but it is explained in Veda by the term vatsayan i.e. appropriate enjoyment of sexual senses along with the soul.

Ayurveda mentions additional importance of Brahmacharya as one of the supportive sub pillar to the body and also as non suppressible urge. So there are two different views regarding Brahmacharya but the goal is same i.e. regulation of sexual act.

Brahmacharya should be followed at every stage of the life. Complete avoidance of sex is also not possible and may cause problems. So, following Bramhacharya for at least 6 months is beneficial.


By practicing right sexuality or following celibacy have lot of benefits as mentioned below:

Benefits of practicing celibacy/ Brahmacharya

  1. Practicing celibacy gives success in life
  2. Improves longevity of life.
  3. It shows Rasayana effect on the body i.e. rejuvenates the body.
  4. It provides peace & purity to the soul.
  5. Because of practicing celibacy one can endowed the whole life with strength, complexion, and continuous growth.
  6. It enhances lusture of the skin.
  7. It gives consciousness to mind and improves intellectuality.
  8. It boosts immunity of the body.
  9. By practicing celibacy, one can get to know about own self energy (Atma virya).
  10. It decreases the bad qualities in a person like anger, pride, deceit and greed.
  11. It helps in keeping different vows and commitments in life.
  12. By attaining will power through practicing Brahmacharya a person can do anything what he/ she wants in life.
  13. Will get strength to pass any hurdles in life.
  14. The proper knowledge of any thing can only get by correct practicing of celibacy.
  15. One can get indriya jaya (conquer over senses) through practicing celibacy
  16. Brahmacharya grant tranquility and transparency of life.

By not following brahmacharya principles a person may lose a vital force in the body called Shukra dhatu (semen) leading to many diseases.

One should not withhold the urge of semen ejaculation because it is one among non suppressible urges, if a person with holds the urge of sukra dhatu it may cause impotency.

So practicing celibacy for a particular period is advised. A person who is on observance of strict celibacy, if gets married, then sexual intercourse during particular periods/ seasons is advised. The body uses the same energy and material wasted through sexual activity to heal itself. Take note though, that to truly reap the fruits of the practice you must be mentally chaste as well. Physical abstinence is the first step but mental celibacy is the real celibacy. By restraining yourself physically and letting the mind run wild you will only be cheating yourself. the above list of benefits of practicing celibacy/ Brahmacharya you can expect to experience from brahmacharya. These are based on my experience and that of others. Do a little research and you’ll find plenty of people reporting similar benefits. for detailed information and to Call on 9004393978 or fill in the below form to book an appointment with our sexologist specialists.