Misconceptions about Penis Size

What are Some Indigestible Misconceptions about Penis Size?

Misconceptions exist for almost everything in the world. When talking about the complexities of sex, numerous misconceptions are floating in the market. A few of them are somewhat true while others are used as a marketing gig by companies to market their products. Similarly, misconceptions about penis size are also doing rounds around since years.

Since 1942, nearly fifty experiments have been performed on penis size, weighing 11,531 penises. On their penis size, men put great emphasis, which some men believe symbolizes their virility, fertility, bravery, or even courage. There is no real correlation between penis shape and size and these attractive characteristics, but in certain men, the myth still arouses fear.

Penis size is determined by shoe size: This is a theory of exceptions, including hand size and penis size stories, but there is little data to support any connection between the size of other parts of the body and the size of a penis.

To increase the size of the penis, There are NO medicines ( tablets, capsules, goli, bati, oil, tail, cream, powder, churan, vacuum pumps, tension rings, rings, exercise, yoga, or any other type of medicines or procedures) available in the world that could Increase the size of the penis (i.e. length. Lambai & girth. Motai of the penis).Even if one is ready to spend lacs of Rupees. Size of penis is not important for satisfactory sexual relationships. For this one should have a good hardness in the penis & should take sufficient time before discharge. So please forget about the increase in size of the Penis. Surgery seems to be the only theoretically efficient penile enlargement choice, which is also not recommended

With a bigger penis, women experience higher sexual pleasure: This is not true as by genital penetration, only 25 per cent of women reach daily orgasms and even then, since the vaginal nerve endings are situated close the opening of the vagina, women do not encounter over than a few centimeters of the penis.

This misconception about penis size and shape is the product of observations of an average size of various cultures, but demographic proportions contain extremes at both the large and small end of the size spectrum. Black males have bigger penises than white people or Asian men. The race is no guarantee of a big penis.

The size of the penis is predicted by the size of the flaccid penis: the size of the flaccid penis is, in practice, not indicative of its size or erection at all. The connection between both the size of the flaccid and erect penis varies between people, and two males with the same flaccid penis size can have major variations between their erect length and girth.