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Syphilis: What Is It? Which Sexual Treatment in India Available for Syphilis?

Syphilis: What Is It? Which Sexual Treatment in India Available for Syphilis?

What is Syphilis?

Syphilis is a bacterial infection normally spread by sexual contact. The infection begins as a normal sore — mostly on your private parts, rectum or mouth. Syphilis spreads from one individual to another through skin or mucous layer contact with these wounds. This kind of bacterial infection typically spreads by sexual contact and in the beginning one will not even understand its effects. Syphilis is created in stages and indications shift with each stage.

As we have discussed, the main stage includes a sore on the private parts, rectum or mouth. After the underlying sore later heals, then it gets into the second stage which is described by a rash. Then, at that point, there are no side effects until the last stage which may happen after a few years. This last stage can bring a lot of damage mainly to the brain, nerves, eyes and heart. Syphilis is treated with penicillin. Both the partners should discuss this issue and talk about how to deal with it.

Is Syphilis Reparable or Treatable?

Syphilis can be treated but if this infection is ignored without treatment then it can cause enduring health issues. Syphilis can be spread from mother to her child; so it’s significant that women do test for syphilis during their pregnancy.

Symptoms ofSyphilis:-

Primary symptoms:

The important symptoms of syphilis consist of at least one painless, firm, and round syphilitic wound, or chancres. These can be seen 10 days to 90 days after the bacterial infection enters the body.

Chances resolve inside to a month and a half. But this issue is avoided without treatment; the illness may stay in the body and progress to the following stage.

Secondary Syphilis Symptoms include:

– Sores that resemble oral, anal, and genital warts

– Red-brown rash

– Muscle aches

– Fever

– A sore throat

– Swollen lymph nodes

– Patchy hair loss

– Headaches

– Unexplained weight loss

– Fatigue

These are the secondary symptoms which might resolve within a few weeks. But there are chances of them to return many times over a longer period. Thus without a treatment, secondary syphilis can progress rapidly to the final stage.

Sexual treatment in India available for syphilis?

Sexual Treatment in India for syphilis can be done in the beginning phases.

The treatment will totally rely upon the symptoms and how long an individual has held onto the bacterial infection. But during the starting phase or tertiary stage, individuals with syphilis will normally get an intramuscular infusion of benzathine penicillin injection.

Tertiary syphilis will require various injections on weekly basis after certain week…

Neuro-syphilis requires intravenous (IV) penicillin for about fourteen days to eliminate the bacterial infection from the focal sensory system. Once you get a proper Sexual Treatment in India, syphilis will be removed or prevent further any kind of damage to the body, and safe sexual practices can continue.

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