Technology A Cause Of Modern Age Sex Problems

Technology a cause of modern age sex problems – Sexual difficulties (SD) are common among men of all ages and can have considerable impact on quality of life and indications for future health. Sexual health is associated with mental and physical wellbeing and with relationship satisfaction.

Sexual dysfunction is a syndrome that includes one or more of the following sexual difficulties: lack or loss of sexual desire, sexual aversion and lack of sexual enjoyment, erectile dysfunction, orgasmic dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Sexual dysfunction is a clinical diagnosis made when sexual difficulties or problems are persistent and recurrent over time and when they cause significant personal or interpersonal distress, and not merely transitory fluctuations in sexual function

Modern age cause of sexual dysfunction- Technology

Technology came into our lives to make things easier and faster, rather it gave us a reason to stay engaged for hours. This eventually did the opposite of what technology was created for: slowed things down because we got busy somewhere unproductive. Technology has crept into every corner of our lives, from obsessive texting to checking emails more often than a stockbroker eyeballs the dow.

Radiation harmful effect:

Radiation in any form is harmful o he body, it causes cell damaging and cell mutations that can even lead to diseases such as cancer. Wireless devices such as laptops and phones send out radiation which is responsible for reducing the quality and quantity of your sperm. This radiation also has cell damage effect on the testicles; that might lead to permanent infertility.

Effect on sleep:

We all have read that sleep is one of the most important factors to improve your sex life in daily routine that improves your sex drive. It’s because of improper sleep routines the human body now-a-days have variety of problems that even can’t be defined medically. One such issue is not having sexual harmony. Due to sleep deprivation body falls in prey of loss of natural desire and faces issues like lack of libido, not interest in real life sex, having imaginary sex partner which even takes trolls on one’s ongoing relationship. Lack of sleep also reduces your testosterone level irrespective of your gender.

Mobile phone addiction:

More the screen time, less satisfaction in sex- Researchers have proved that men using mobile phones for more than 4 hours a day are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction. Is due to your mobile phone is more exciting than your partner which eventually results in poor sexual dynamics. These problems are also directly related to low sex drive and poor sexual experiences.

Access to pornography in early age:

Sex education is very important but it is good at an age where a child needs to understand the changes he or she is undergoing and needs to cope with the changes; but due to access to porn that misleads our young teens. This result in early development of puberty changes, unhealthy knowledge of sex, addiction to masturbation, unhealthy mind set related to sex and even can cause psychosis that leads to criminal activities. Excessive masturbation from early age and over a long period of time lead to sexual issues like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lack of libido and no interest in sex in real world.


To cope with the competition in this world, our body take a big troll but just to fit in and even succeed in our careers we forget to nurture our body and mind. With the modern world fast pace technology, it has become a continuous stress to be on top and to hold the position up there. This stress causes variety of problem over a period of time like lack of libido, erectile dysfunction, low sperm quality and quantity, premature ejaculation etc.

Having extreme sex fantasies:

Due to a wide range of exposure to sex and sexual stuffs, people now-a- days have fallen into a trap where they have extreme fantasies about intimacy. These fantasies lead them to false believe about sex and partner which in turn lead to broken – no satisfactory relationship. They even can’t get aroused in real life with real person i.e might face erectile dysfunction etc. This also result in sexual and mental insecurity leading to many psychological problem in life.

Tips to overcome these modern age technological side effects-

Make a schedule for your daily routine which should include time for everything, even screen time which will help you monitor your screen usage eventually eliminating the problems that come with it.

Make a rule of not using your mobile phone in bed so that you never miss a signal from your partner.

Adapt onto some hobbies that can replace your time that you spend staring at your screen with something productive.

Make time to have a conversation with your partner before you jump into bed which shall make things super exciting for both of you.

Every chance you get, bend over to pick something up, walk or stand. Instead of sitting when you’re on the phone, walk up and down the stairs at work – just move

It’s difficult to live a life without technology; and to cope with today’s living standards without technology. As technology has become an intrigued part of our life’s, we indeed face many harmful side effects of this boon which includes diseases like BP, Diabetes, obesity and also sexual dysfunctions. If you have been facing any such sexual dysfunctions like erection issues, premature ejaculation, lack of libido etc; you can contact to our sexologist for best treatment.

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