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What exactly is orgasm

Orgasm is the feeling when the energy and pleasure bursts inside the body. The orgasm could be different in men and women. Even in women, orgasm differs based on their experience with their partners. Many people who are not aware of the biological event often think what exactly orgasm is about.

When an orgasm happens, hormones called endorphins are discharged into the body, making great relaxation and fun. People may seem blushed or warm and may feel active muscle pains all over the body. However, the main concentration of the pain lies in genital areas. Orgasm is the last stage of sexual activity. The muscles are relaxed after the person experiences orgasm.

The experience of women with orgasm is extra diverse than men’s. Every other woman doesn’t experience orgasm the same way, there is always a difference in the way they do it. Moreover, a large number of women have never experienced any sort of orgasm in their entire life. It is also a fact that both women rarely have an orgasm while in the sexual act.

When compared with men, women have less number of orgasms. The reasons behind the same could be different for different women. The desire of the female to come at the climax is clear to a smaller extent. Studies have proposed plentiful potential advantages, but few have been rigorously examined, the factual evidence lacks in the present time.

Orgasm may serve relevant goals, however. The fun it brings can promote females to have sex. This may also encourage connection with a sexual partner, which does have powerful developmental benefits. With sexual arousal, the blood pressure, breathing and heart rate may also increase.

Not being able to orgasm is one of the common reasons that relationships suffer nowadays. The helplessness to no-orgasm is common among most women and each one of them might have some other reason for the same.

Most women are not able to reach the peak of sexual arousal which makes them irritated all the time. Incompatibility with the partner, mental trauma due to heartbreaking past, chronic mental or physical illness could lead to the state of no-orgasm among women. While in men the orgasm comes along with the ejaculation.