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Get Best Sexologist Online Consultation to Know 4 Mistake Made by Men in Bed during Sex Time

Men tend to make extreme, preventable mistakes like these when it comes to what women want in bed. While before a lazy experience, you should give yourself pep talks or pat yourself on the back after a nice time in bed, don’t be too arrogant about doing what women want.

A new research reveals that most men are not the professional lovers they believe they are. When it comes to the basics, in the sack, men seem to make some significant mistakes. Sexologist Doctors can be consulted online privately now.

Get a Sexologist Online Consultation and find out mistakes which are avoidable in Bed:

1- Silent play- No matter the situation, throughout the whole act, most men appear to be early quiet. Maybe you think that’s cool, but it makes your wife feel alienated. It makes her wonder if she’s really making you happy. There is no reason to exaggerate your emotions, so you should let your girlfriend know in a real way that you love her business. Not such a bad thing are the silent moans and groans.

2- Foreplay is not a means to an end-The effortless kissing here and caressing there, when they undress, most men appear to breeze around it. But you may seem desperate to start, too much in expectation of a great act. And in the long run, it won’t score you any brownie points. Slowly taking it. Enjoy every part of the meeting as you get to know the lady with whom you are. The making-out, the undressing, and the mutual oral sex: women love a well-paced build-up. It would also translate to a more enjoyable experience. And a standing call for more, maybe.

3- Keep her entire body in mind-You seek to satisfy the woman you are with when you have sex. So it makes sense that, like the neck or thighs, often guys work on one or two vulnerable areas of their body. The next step, though, is not to look for any means of satisfying her. Although this theory is comprehensible, it is still extremely short-sighted. And in the bedroom, the maxim of diminishing returns applies everywhere. Step down to her breasts if you’ve played her neck for a while. And you do not want to concentrate your mind heavily on her clitoris. Sometimes, overstimulation can prove painful. So, keep it diverse. Variety is the spice of life, as the age-old adage goes.

4- Rough at sex time but sweet after sex

Even a little roughness, there is nothing wrong if it is consensual. Although you should never take things too far (nobody in need of medical treatment needs to leave the bedroom) and you should always remember to show some kindness afterward. Make sure you pay attention to her immediate needs after it’s all over, which would mean more snuggling and cuddling.

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