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Nightfall – स्वप्नदोष

night fall

Nightfall is also known as wet dreams or Sapandosh or Night Discharge or Nocturnal Emissions.
Nightfall is a condition where males ejaculate in their sleep, normally late at night or during the early hours of the morning.
Nightfalls involves the ejaculation of semen involuntarily by an erotic / sexual dream.
Usually night falls happens in the night but sometimes it happens in the daytime also while sleeping. Night falls usually happens with sexual dreams but it may happen without dreams also. Mostly when nightfall happens one gets awaked and usually men presses penis from the tip & goes to the toilet, release the grip & release the semen in the toilet & then again come to bed and go to sleep, but many times we come to know about the night falls in the next morning while seeing a semen patch on the the underwears or on the outside pants or pyjamas.
Normally, the frequency of night falls varies from one person to the other, although the majority of men experience this condition only during their adolescence. But there are some who faces this problem throughout their lives.
It can be seen in both men and women but its more common among male and rare in the females. A nightfall or nocturnal emission is considered to be a
problem only if it is very frequent.
Different doctors have different views about the nightfalls. Modern practitioners consider it as a natural process. But according to the Ayurveda- Excessive Nightfalls are not good for sex & general health, so we can divide it into two types of nightfalls: –

1. Natural Nightfalls (Normal State of Nightfalls) –

are one which occurs usually between the age of 13 to 25 years (before marriage). Or in those men who are married but for some reason the wife does not stay with them ( mostly wives going for a long vacation like during pregnancy and holidays in the school ) or who has become a widower.
Now the question arises that how many times in a month Nightfalls are is considered as natural Nightfalls ? So according to some views, if the nightfalls are happening 3-4 times in a month then these are considered as normal.

2.  Unnatural nightfalls –

(Abnormal state of nightfalls) as everyone knows Excess of everything is bad for health like excessive Drinking of milk, excessive eating of ghee, excessive eating, excessive running, excessive sleeping, excessive awakening, excessive urination, excessive passing of stools, excessive blood loss, etc; so same way excessive nightfalls are also not good for health. if nightfall happens 5-8 times in a month then it may or may not cause a sexual or general health problem.

Reasons for excessive Nightfalls

Frequent & Uncontrolled masturbation; Smegma accumulation on the penis; Watching of pornographic books and porn pictures, Porn Movies, Sexy Chats, Videos, And Porn Videos in Mobile, Laptop, Desktop ( Computers ); Weak nerves; congested prostate gland; the constant rubbing of mattress or bed sheet against the male organ can trigger erections, followed by ejaculation, even when the person is not awake.

Once a male attains puberty, he may experience more sexual dreams while asleep. This leads to the erection and then nightfalls.
Sexual inactivity is another major reason behind nightfalls.
Weak nerves Fails to ejaculate during sex & climax & hence the semen is stored up which eventually gets released from the reproductive organ during nightfall.
Weakness of the penile nerves and muscles owing to excessive masturbation, fluctuating hormone levels, thinning of semen viscosity, and a full bladder, are also reasons for excessive nightfalls.
Overproduction of semen; Diets which produce excessive sperms.

Men suffering from excessive / uncontrolled nightfalls may experience.

Headache, numbness, tiredness, lethargy, sadness, poor sleep, urinary tract infection. When the disease progresses, there is also Dhat Rog (sperm mixed with urine). Gradual nervousness, weakness of nerves, loss of memory, increased heartbeat, dizziness, loss of stamina, shivering of limbs, tiredness, irritability, loss of interest in doing any work, pain, There are complaints of lack of digestive power, constipation, indigestion & loss of appetite also.
Men who suffers from excessive nightfall then sometime they also lack excitement in sex and later sometimes there are complaints of premature ejaculation also.
But it is not necessary that all these symptoms are because of Excessive nightfalls only. There may be many other underlying medical problems also that can cause the above said symptoms.

Tips to prevent unnatural excessive nightfall : –

Do not read Pornographic books and do not see Porn Pictures, Porn Movies, avoid Sexy Chats, Videos, and Porn Videos in mobile, Laptop, Desktop, computers; Do not stay with bad and sensual friends; Stay away from pornographic environments; Also avoid unnatural sex such as excessive masturbation, animal sex, lesbian sex etc; avoid heavy, oily, fried & junk food; Do not let the smegma accumulate on the penis clean it often.
Get up before 5 am in the morning.
Drink 3-4 glasses of water as soon as you wake up in the morning.
Keep the stomach clean.
Do exercise or walking in the morning.
Read good religious books.
At night walk for half an hour before sleeping.
Eat less at night, avoid gas, indigestion & constipation.
Wash hands & feet before sleep.
Practicing Yoga, pranayam and meditation regularly before going to sleep can also help in getting rid of the excessive nightfalls.

One can use any of the following medicines, to control excessive nightfalls :-
1. Take 5 ml of semal root juice twice a day.
2. Take 2 grams of ( imli ) tamarind seed powder and 2 grams of sugar candy mixed with water, 2 times a day.
3. Take 3 ml Turmeric juice twice a day.
4. Take Giloy extract 500 mg twice a day with water.
If even after doing all these, the excessive nightfall continues to occur then consult your family doctor or a good sexologist.