Unnatural Sex

The blissful feeling of life is incomplete without the pleasure of “sex”. This is a gift given to a person by nature. If used in a natural way, it is a boon. But some people misuse it, hence results in unnatural sex, which is often a person’s mental distortions.

Mating means equal enjoyment; in which both men and women enjoy it equally. In this, if one is feeling pleasure, and the other is suffering, then it cannot be called healthy sexual relationship. Why do people behave so painfully; have unnatural sexual desires for oneself? – There are many arguments behind it.

According to the best Sex Doctor in Mumbai and psychiatrists, people who do not get sexual pleasure in the normal way, hence get humiliated in front of their partner; their brain gets frustrated and they move towards the distorted sex. Sexual exploitation of Minor boys & minor girls, misdeeds with their daughters-in-law, is the result of this. These distortions are many, some of the distortions are mentioned below.


This distortion is called Lesbianism in which two women have sexual relations with each other. Such women have immense hatred for men. This distortion is seen in men also. When two men have sexual relations with each other, they are called Homosexual.

Just seeing people having homosexual relationships in this way cannot be said to have any distortions among them. Because they can also be normal and intelligent; looking like individuals and other people.


(BESTIALITY) In this, sexual intercourse with an animal is performed. Animals such as dog, cat, cow, buffalo, rooster, goat etc. This deformity can be in both man or woman.


(Sodomy) In this, a man enjoys sex with his partner’s anus. It is an unnatural sex.


In this, older people complete their sexual desire with children. Sometimes they even enjoy the pleasure of sex by only playing with children’s private parts; it is a abnormal mental condition.


The sexual intercourse between the senses of men or the vagina of a woman, which is performed by mouth including tongue is called oral sex (Mukhamathoon). In some countries it has been considered to be normal (Prakrit). But in our country it is considered a distortion.


This word derived from the name of an old-time king named as “Said”. It involves experiencing pleasure at the time of intercourse, by tormenting and torturing your partner. This distortion is found in both men and women. Most men suffer from this distortion. In this, the torture sometimes increases to such an extent that the active partner can also kill his other partner.


This distortion is having sex with the dead.it includes having sex with your dead loversbody; Killing a woman, then having sex with her body, is kind of distortion is known as Necrophilia.


The distortion of consuming sexual pleasure by tormenting oneself’s occurs in some people, it is called Mesochism.


This pathology is usually found in men. A tremendous attraction towards a woman’s personal thing or women’s body parts, or specific elements like odour etc, can be included in it.


In this, the person exhibits his naked body in front of other people. By doing this, he feels his sexual pleasure. Performing his genitals in front of unfamiliar woman, masturbating, etc can be included in this. Mostly this distortion is found in men. But women can also fall prey to this distortion.


People suffering from this, feel sexual pleasure by wearing clothes of opposite sex.


In this, one can enjoy sexual pleasure by seeing the sex of others, or by watching films of their own sex play.

People who adopt such distortions are not able to fully enjoy sexual relations. And due to their weakness, they are unable to get married. And even if they get married, they are not able to give sexual pleasure to others.

They carry their relationship only because of children’s. Due to stress in the marital life, they are unable to give satisfaction to themselves, family and children, and even sometimes the reverse is also possible. Sometimes a person suffering from these distortions commits sexual offenses such as forced sexual exploitation and rape etc. Due to which the life of his family and that person himself is filled with sorrows. Such people have high chance to pollute the society. Find the Best Sex doctor in Mumbai to help you solve these problems.

Those patients of sexual perversion who do not get married, do not have any problems in their young age but when they get old, their body becomes weak, they need someone’s support, and then they have no one. They make their life painful, miserable and sometimes even prone to suicide.

Here, it would be appropriate to say that sexual intercourse should remain “sex”. Do not try to make it unusual or inhuman. If a person is suffering from this type of distortions, then he/she should immediately go to a good psychiatrist or Sex Doctor.

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